Hai guys!remember me.?….l think not… I am very bad to get disappeared even after all your requests….but believe me ,l wasn’t well enough…coz l met with an accident…ah…now am OK…starting to go school again..OK then jumping into my chappy..
recap:naina opened karan’s secret room and saw her pictures…. She lost conciousness and fell to hit her back… Her head started bleeding….
Chapter 26-
Karan rushed to his room hearing naina’s scream. He was shocked to see naina nowhere but suddenly he noticed the door of his secret room opened… His heart stopped!!. The next sec he rushed into it and saw naina surrounded with blood…!!
Karan :GOWRI!!!
He wasn’t able to see that scene once again. It was his most fearful nightmare.. When everybody came there,hearing her scream followed by his…,they saw naina and got shocked.. Even they saw the room -double shocked!! They alk were left in utter confusion.. But first all thought to take naina to the hospital.. Karan in his arms took naina and ran to the car. Kunal opened the door and karan placed her inside and got in. Meghnal also got in and kunal drove the car..
In the hospital-
Naina is taken to ICU.. Meghnal explained everything to the whole family.. Everybody got tears in their eyes. Nirmala slowly went near karan and a broken karan hugged his mother and cried out his heart.. All he needed was that… His mother’s lap… The perfect place to immerse his pain!!..
After few hours… Doctor came out.
Karan :Dr.. How is she?
Dr:she is out of danger. But…
That but means a lot for karan.
Dr:she went to comma!!

Karan sat down holding his head.. His dream of living with his gowri was becoming impossible day by day.. But hopes doesn’t end for him as karan knew,she will come back for him….
Two weeks later….
bundi family came there and left except shardha.. Karan was staying near naina.. Every second expecting for her to wake up.. That morning,meghnal came there…
Kunal places his hand on karan’s shoulder.
Meghna :karan..
Karan :bhabi… Bhai.. Aap log..
Meghna :why? l came here to see my sister..
Kunal :and me for my saali saibha..
Karan smiles..
Meghna :Karan,jaldi jao aur fresh hoke aajao..
Karan :no bhabhi.. I will stay here.. No problem.. If gowri wake up when l go then… I can’t take risk one more time..
Meghna had tears in her eyes..
Meghna :Karan,my sister is very lucky to have a husband like u… Now pls go and get fresh… Cheeku will kill me if she saw u like this..
Kunal:karan ki bachi… Go and get ready…
Karan :but bhai..
Meghna :no but vut.. Go and get ready,otherwise will make u beaten by ur niece!!
She said it by touching her stomach..
Karan :u are impossible,obbo!!
Trio went out of the room.. Slowly warm tears started to roll down naina’s cheeks..
(note:l don’t know whether the song will be apt.. Hope u understand it’s all in a hurry)
Yeh kis makaab pe
Mera dil aa ruka hai..

Karan waved his hand at meghnal and started walking slowly to the parking lot..
Yeh kaisi kashmakash hai
Yeh kya majra hai…
Naina’s lip were shivering.. She is muttering something.. Slowly it came out clear..”Karan ”
Tu pyaar hei tu hi tabahi..
Karan was about to open the car’s door but stopped when felt a breeze.. He looked back at the hospital. Soon a smile crept on his lips.. He muttered”naina!”
Tu qaid hai tu hi rihayi…
Naina again muttered “karan”
Tu pyaar hei tu hi tabahi..
Tu qaid hei tu hi rihayi…
karan is all about to run back to the hospital..
Oh piya…. Oh piya…. Oh piya… Oh piya….
But a van stopped in front of him..
Naina :KARAN!!!!


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