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Hi guys!! Lets start the story first…..

The story starts with a guy talking on the phone with someone with raged expression and attitude at height…..
Guy-Blo*dy hell!!! I dont want any of the excuses! Just do as I say or I will not spare u! I dont have the habit of losing! Bring him to me at any cost!!! (He shouted)
His friend was standing beside him closing his ears with fingers just to protect his eardrums from ripping off!
(The guy is non other than our dashing sanskar!)

The great sanskar maheshwari….the topper of his university and the famous goon of the university….unable to control his anger and the rule of no mercy runs through his veins!….has never looked at any girl with his loving eyes! May be not interested in any of them! His parents r living in delhi and he is in mumbai for his studies! Running on the way of his last year in the university as to complete his studies for doctory! He is the rose with lots of thorns for everyone in university…..everyone in the university is scared of him and prays for involving in his life in any manner! Ohh god! When will he fall in love! Will the entry of love in his life will change him? Lets see…..

The scene displays that he is in the garden of their university…resting his back on his bullet and enjoying the scene of some of his boys beating one guy badly with his hands folded near his chest…..finally he goes to that guy who was lying on ground with his body pool of blood! He pulled his hairs and said..

Sanky- now u got to know the cost of challenging me! First of all u have ruined the life of one of the girl and was showing attitude to me! The topper sanskar maheshwari! When I asked u to marry her! Such a bull sh*t u r!! And dared to face me! I dont have mercy on anyone but this is the first time when I m giving a chance to someone! If u still will get agree to marry her then I can think to take u to the hospital or else exactly in one hour u will count ur last breath if we live u in this state!

Guy-(not able to say but manages) pl…please save me!! I m ready….I
m…ready to marry her….

Sanky-thats better! If u would have said this earlier ur body and our sticks whould have got saved from damage…anyways boys take him to the hospital!

To be continued…..

I will post the next part soon….rags entry will be in next part…..sorry battrey is low!!!
Bye guys….
Love u all….


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