(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-9


Hello! I am ShonaLaado who was earlier Shona/Laado. I was new here at that time(2016). I just wanted to write on my heartbeat, Swaragini and then my holidays finished and with starting of my exams, my story ended. I left it writing in middle. So now I just got a new account and phone as that previous phone too…. It is still in company lying useless. So I thought to just continue and end it but it is for my satisfaction. I am not telling anyone to read or comment because I felt it is disrespecting for other writers.
So you can go for previous chapters and who were reading it – http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Swaragini+FF+Love-Hate-Love. I think that I left it at a suspense. But I want to start with freshness. So guys, lets take a leave of 1 year.

In Kolkata, Gadodia Mansion.

A girl is dressed up in a beautiful lehenga and is looking at herself in mirror. She touches her MANGALSUTRA and a tear falls from her eyes. She remembers her wedding day. When a boy of her age fills her hairline but with no expressions on his face. She takes up a small box and opened it. She took the red powder which is SINDOOR and fills her hairline while tears fall from her eyes. She stands up and cleans her tears. Just then Parvati Gadodia comes inside her room and calls her. “Laado! Are you ready or not? We have to leave for your inlaws house.” Yes, the girl turns out to be Ragini and she is married but to whom and when? Obviously, in this 1 year something had happened which isnot looking too positive. The girl nods and comes down with her. She sees her father, Shekar Gadodia standing at door waiting for her. He sees them and then moves outside signing his mother to come fast. He didn’t even looked at ragini and left. Ragini holds her Dadi’s arm and says, “He couldn’t forget her Dadi Maa.

He cannot and that too on this precious day when all couples are together with each other but he…” She stops as her voice is not able to come outside due to her sobs. Dadi consoles her and says, “He loves her. That time also and even today. But what she did is not forgivable. You now dont spoil your day. Ok! Stop crying Laado! Today you have to be strong as you are having fast na. Karvachauth ka vrat hai aaj wo bhi pehla. Ok?” Rag nods and both ladies left ti their destination that is Raginis inlaws for Karvachauth.

Thats all for today. Byee


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