Recap: leap of 5 years. SwaSan has a daughter Seerat and sanskar is not aware about her.

Swara ran and hugged sanskar tightly that he stumble back due to intensity of the hug. His tired eyes got close as he felt her warmth. He hugged back when he realized she is none other than his swara. Only one word he was able to mumble ” swara”
Swara was not ready to leave him after all she got him after five years.Sanskar caress her back to relax her, she broke the hug and look at him he is also crying.
” you both want to be here only.??” Dheeraj asked breaking their moment.
” how are you???” Sanskar asked.
Swara nodded her head as she was not having words to say.
” hello” Sanskar greeted dheeraj who assures him that everything is fine.
” okay you both wait there I will bring car” dheeraj said pointing at the bench. Swasan nodded. Sanskar held swara’s hand and went to the bench. They don’t know what to speak meeting after so many years.
” I didn’t expected you here” sanskar said while staring at their joined hands in his lap.
” why??” Swara instantly asked.
Sanskar chuckles sadly not knowing what to answer her. Swara remembered how he said her to move on, she got angry.
” so you thought I moved on and married someone else??” Swara asked with annoyance clear in her voice.
” sorry” he mumble feeling guilty for doubting her love. It’s not actually he doubted but it’s natural to have insecurities and he is right at his place in this cruel world no one cares much for others but his swara is different.
” don’t even think like this otherwise I will surely marry someone else” swara said furiously as her nose turn red.
” no now you can’t bcoz I have copyright on you” sanskar winks to change her mood.
” swara this saree” he was astonished as he noticed saree and he felt he has seen it somewhere.
” you had gifted me how’s it?? I wore for the first time” swara told.
” ohh so specially for me and you look pretty always” he said making her blush.
” sanskar there is surprise for you” swara said remembering seerat.
” what?? Plz tell I can’t wait” Sanskar said desperately.
” its surprise and you will directly see” swara said smiling.
” as you say madam” Sanskar said.
Swara shook her head. Till now dheeraj stop the car in front of the them and they sat on the back seat and soon left.

Sanskar was amused to see the house where they arrived but didn’t said anything. SwaSan enter inside when sujata came running with a plate in her hand. She did his arti and then hugged Sanskar. Ram and ansh also met him, sanskar felt so nice to be with them back. As they were about to come inside, Sanskar felt someone hugged his legs followed by a shriek voice shouting “PAPA”. For a second he felt its illusion but no its real when he look down and saw a little girl near him. He was numb, what does it means??? Did she called papa to sanskar?? He was clouded with so many thoughts when swara whisper in his ear ” she is our daughter” Sanskar looked surprisingly at Swara and then at serrat. He never thought that apart from swara someone so precious is also waiting for him.Tears form in his eyes just not able to control his happiness.
” papa” seerat again called him when he didn’t reacted bcoz of the surprise.
Sanskar admire the little bundle of joy standing in front of him loaded with lots of cuteness and innocence. He don’t want to make her wait more so immediately bend on his knees to reach her height. Sanskar engulfed her in his tight embrace and cried his heart out. Swara rub his shoulder relaxing him. They all can understand his situation.
He broke the hug unwillingly and look at her face.
” don’t cry plz” seerat wipe Sanskar’s tears with her tiny hands to which Sanskar nodded. He got his everything back and it’s not time to cry.
” one min” seerat tried to come out of his grip and as he set her free she ran to her room.
” come and sit Sanskar” sujata said and they all settle in the hall. Sanskar is continuously looking for seerat.
” she must have done something special for you”swara said knowing well about seerat. Sanskar stare swara lovingly, he has to clear so many things what all happened in these five years but at this moment he want to hold seerat just to assure himself again and again that she is his daughter.
And here she comes with the jet speed.
” slowly baby” Sanskar said as she strike with him and he made her sit in his lap. He didn’t know her name till now so looked at swara.
“Seerat what you bought for papa” swara intentionally called her name to let sanskar know.
” this one” she forward a baby pink coloured card she made. On its first page it was written ” welcome papa” and in the middle there were few designs made with crayons and at last it was written with marker ” I missed you papa”. From seerat
A tear drop fell down Sanskar’s eye looking at her efforts to make him feel special.
” how is it??” Seerat asked biting her nails due to nervousness.
” I loved it” sanskar tightly kissed her bubbly cheeks. She jumped happily.
” sanskar you get fresh up then we will have lunch” swara said getting up.
Sanskar picked seerat in his arms and followed swara to the room. On the way seerat whisper to sanskar ” today dadi made all your favourite dishes”
” ohh really!!” Sanskar acted getting amazed.
” yes I’m waiting to eat” seerat lick lips with her tongue and sanskar smile at her antics.
Sanskar was still wondering, seerat saw him for the first time but still she is behaving like she know him from the time she is born. Swara can answer his questions. His little confusion got clear when he saw their trio pics filling the whole room.
” sanskar your clothes” swara give him his clothes she has already purchased.
” I will take bath seerat” he said as she is still hugging him.
” okay come soon” seerat said and ran out of the room to check whether all dishes are ready or not.
Sanskar held swara’s hands and find words to say
” how seerat know me very well?” Finally he asked.
” I always told her that her papa went for business purpose and will come back. She is grown up with this thought only that her papa will come. She loves you a lot Sanskar. I’m sure she won’t leave you now” swara explained with a smile never leaving her lips.
” thank you so much for this surprise and the most beautiful gift in the form of seerat” sanskar kissed swara’s palms. His eyes won’t get dry today bcoz of so much of love and happiness that’s showered upon him.
” how you started living here and. ” sanskar wanted to know so many things.
” I will tell everything for now take bath you must be hungry” swara said and he nodded before leaving to washroom.

All are sitting on the dining table, ramta with each other and dheeraj ansh together. Sanskar is sitting with seerat in his lap. Swara is right seerat won’t leave him but he is loving it. Swara serve them and was standing beside sanrat. Sanskar is feeding seerat and eating himself.
” sanskar don’t give her much spicy food her stomach will get upset” swara said.
Seerat pouted as she wants to taste all the dishes.
” nothing will happen if once she will eat” sanskar said. Seerat was overjoyed that at least her papa is in her team.
“Right papa” seerat shouted as she stuck her tongue at swara. She smile at them.Swara also sit with them and had her food.
After lunch, all left to their room to take rest.

SwaSanRat Room(Night)
Sanskar is sitting on the couch as per seerat’s order and she is collecting things from dressing table. Swasan are wondering what this girl is up to now.
” mamma let’s make papa like this” seerat said pointing to one of sanskar’s pic on the wall where he has clean shave. She place shaving cream and jell along with few other things on table. Swara laugh looking at sanskar’s expressions.
” mamma you do this and I will set hairs” she said touching Sanskar’s beard.
” com on swara for what you are waiting” sanskar told as she didn’t moved. Swara sit near him and start shaving his beard and seerat is busy in applying all types of jells in sanskar’s hairs at the same time standing on the sofa.
” when you bought all these things seerat??” Sanskar asked her and she bend down to answer, for her face to face is very important.
” when we went to shopping” she said and again got busy with his hairs.
” its done” later swara said as she wiped his jaws with the cloth.
” my is also done” seerat jumped on the ground.
Her hands are dirty and she kept them away from her clothes. Swara signed at what she has made of sanskar’s hairs.
” what’s this seerat why you did if you don’t know” swara said loudly.
” sorry papa” she said looking down.
Sanskar went near mirror and saw her hairstyle. Though it’s funny but he appreciate seerat’s efforts.
” it’s very nice seerat” Sanskar said lighting her dull face.
” really??” She asked hopefully.
” yes you made very beautiful style” he said pulling her cheeks.
” thanks” seerat blushes listening her praise.
” wash your hands” swara dragged her to washroom.
Later, seerat came and jumped in sanskar’a lap.
” mamma was scolding me for spoiling your hairs” she complained looking at swara.
” swara next time if you scold seerat then I will see you” Sanskar acted getting angry at swara. Seerat hided in sanskar’s chest giggling as her mamma is getting scolded.
” naughty head” swara slightly hit seerat’s head.
” Papa now u will not leave me??” Seerat suddenly asked.
” no I will not” Sanskar kiss her forehead.
Seerat smile and close her eyes.
” I think she slept you go and wash your hairs otherwise they will stick permanently like this” swara laugh at him. He made her lie on bed and went to washroom.
To be continued….

After writing last part i got to know that in Jail one day is equal to 12 hours in some countries but here as per leap of five years, one day in jail is equal to 24 hours its a mere fiction so kindly imagine it. Next time will be careful.
Thank you


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