phela nazar mein hogaya pyaar epi 7


the big day (race day)
everyone is preparing or the big race here twinkle is worried for kunj and is praying.
twinkle: oh babaji pls bless kunj
kunj: oye hoy siyappa queen praying for me pls pinch me
tinkle pinches kunj
kunj: ouch yaar do you take everything literally
twinkle: i care for you thats why i am praying
kunj: you do
twinkle : yes yaar your my bestie and yes take this Prasad
twinkle: good luck

announcer: can all the racers come to the starting point
kunj goes
announcer: mark set go
kunj runs like never before(after all someone prayed for him)
kunj wins the race everyone cheers
twinkle ran and hugged kunj a smile is visable on her face and out of happiness kisses kunj
everyone is shocked including Alisha, uv and mahi
kunj is shocked
before twinkle could say anything more she felt a burning sensation yea that’s right she was slapped but by Alisha
Alisha: how dare you how many times do i have to tell you to stay away today you also crossed the limits look nah everyone she pretends to be a innocent girl but the fact is she is the most disgusting person you will ever come across in your life applauses miss taneja
twinke: i am sorry i really mean it
now twinkle was full of tears and ran inside the school uv and mahi went to console her
here kunj was so mad at alisha and roared
kunj: what the hell yaar anything just anything you will say you are no one to me get and if twinkle kissed me its my problem none of your concern understand and ya about that misunderstanding dream world in your head about me being your boyfriend kindly get it in your thick skull that i hate and don’t even think about you an everyone don’t give in to her stupid talks i am leaving
Alisha cryingly :kunj i am sorry pls don’t go pls kunj pls monologue: i wont spare you twinkle you snatched kunj away from me
kunj went in the school in the hallways he saw twinkle crying nonstop
kunj;twinkle yarr pls stop crying by the way i wont take a crybaby to my victory dinner will i
twinkle : kunj i am sorry

kunj; don’t be its not your fault it was just a moment of happiness
uv; yaar i want itallian
mahi; i want marwadi
kunj; guys whatever twinkle wants
twinkle; how about Chinese
everyone agrees

precap; eyelock…. fun moments…..Alisha’s revenge

hey guys iam back hope yall love it and check out my new story khamosh katil
peace out lots of luv


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