Is a serious thing news for you…….os swaragini


Hai everyone hope you are fine. Do please read the note at last.

Story begins…

We can see few ladies gossiping about something as if their life depends on it.
Lady 1: Do you know that a girl of 15 was raped last night.
Lady 2: These girls now a days wear dresses flashing their body to the whole world.
Lady 3: They only provoke these boys.
We can hear a sound of 3 slaps .Yes someone slapped these 3 for taking this much.
Ladies: How dare you?
(The girls was revealed to be swaragini)
Swara: you there shut up before you get some more slaps from me . What do think about your self.You too are wearing sarees which is flashing your body. And what do know about that girl she was wearing a kurti and pyjama and had no one in her family except her younger brother. You too have girl child in your families know
You know the pain if it happens with your daughter.
Ragini: Leave swara Ladies like these 3 are only mostly created of these problems. But still we should blame this blo*dy society which turn this into news. You there stop these gossipings and mind your own business.
Swara:If you have a son tell him see other girls like how he see his sister or mother.
Now these ladies became ashamed of themselves and apologised.

It was a dark place we can see a girl around 10 running fastly. She dashed someone and it was revealed to be swara.
Swara:what happened why you are running.
Girl: Didi some one chasing me and trying to touch my …..she started crying
Swara : ok you be inside my car. Ragini take her.
A man came running and saw the child  getting into the car . He saw swara.
Man: hey ladki give that girl.
Before that he was on the ground and swara started beating him ruthlessly. Ragini stopped her before she killed him and they both took him to police station as they heard that the commissioner and assistant commissioner were good at punishing these stupid morons.
They went to police station and said they came to meet commissioner and assistant commissioner.
Commissioner :let them in and call laksh .
The constable let them in.
Swara: Sir
Commissioner was revealed to be sanskar. Hearing her call hearlier saw her holding that man with his caller by one hand.
Sanskar:Yes say me miss.
Swara: sir I came to file a complaint on him . This moron tried to force this little girl and the 15 year girl who was raped was the by lust of this moron.
Ragini:sir you can even produce him in the court we have enough evidence to get him punished.
At that time laksh entered the room.
Laksh:excuse me sir
Sanskar:yeah come in laksh and get hold of this creature.
Laksh came in got hold the man and angrily took him and throughed him in the jail.
Laksh heard every thing when he was standing outside. When he saw ragini holding the child protectively he saw her felt attracted towards her.
Swara: sir here is the complaint. I hope you will get him punished so much that he wishes for his death.
Sanskar: yes Miss.but Where you will leave this child ?
Swara: she don’t have anyone sir we will keep her in our home don’t worry.
Sanskar was very much impressed by swara’s boldness and courage.
Laksh : by the way who are you both.
Ragini: I am dr. Ragini and she is dr. Swara.
Sanskar:Nice meeting you both and miss swara I think you must have shown your skills on that many.
Swara just gave a smile and they left the place.
Laksh:yes sir.
Sanskar: don’t act man I saw the way you are staring ragini.
Laksh:as if you were not staring swara.
Sanskar:leave that first we should punish that bastard.
Laksh: let do cutting cutting.
Sanskar: congrats laksh your brain started working.
Laksh pouted.
The next day the paper had a news of the man who rapes the 15 year old girl. The news stated that the man was torched and his private part was cutted and he was sent to prison .
Swaragini: thank you both without you this would have been impossible.
Sanskar: no you girls are so bold enough to get the person here and made our job less only to punish him.

Few days later…
We can see 4 persons sitting in a award function who were swaragini and Sanlak . They were given award for the reduction of crime and for the foundation of their welfare commity where they teach both women and men values which is not implicated in their homes.
Swaragini sanlak: women and men are always equal in every ways . So guys try to be equal in every means and don’t let your ego in front of your good mind.

After the speech over.
Swaragini started moving towards their vehicle . But before they reach there sanlak respectively dragged their partners.
Swara: Mr. Sanskar what is this .
Sanskar:swara I want you be my husband..
Swara:gave a look like what the hell.
Sanskar:oh no no no I want to be your husband will you give me the honour of making me your husband.
Swara: ok but will you tolerate this karate kid skills.
Sanskar:triple yes
On raglak side….
Ragini:you idiot why you dragged me.
Laksh:will you make me your wife ..
Ragini:what title
Laksh:ayyoooo wait . Will you be my wife and the mother of my child.
Ragini:what if I say no.
Laksh: Don’t say it. Then you will the world another swami Ji.
Ragini: ok yes will you tolerate me and I do not know to cook food.
Laksh:double yes and don’t worry I will cook food for everyone…….

They both hugged their respective partners……..
And the small girl went near them hugged all of them.
Story end..

Actually this was not in my mind. I read a news today in which a 6 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered. I couldn’t digest and let my emotions flow in this. Sorry if you did not like it.
I am actually against these type of things. Please everyone try to be safe in this cruel society . Change the thinkings of everyone proving a girl is not weak…
This is my last story in TU.
A heartly good bye from my side🤗🤗🤗


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