Kaanchi os “Group in action” #Opinion needed (Sneak Peak)


Hi people!!! Don’t know if you guys remember me or not but finally I got the time to actually do an OS. Life is just being too hard on me. 4 AP classes with clubs is being just really hard on me. Plus, there was the sophomore board election and lot of things. Now, I am back with a very crappy OS 😖. But anything on Kaanchi still looks good right 😃. Since I am not a romantic person at all and I ran out of ideas I would be doing a kaanchi OS based on a movie.I wouldn’t reveal the name now since that would destroy all the curiosity. But before I even start typing it I need all of your opinions. Last time I got demotivated with the less comments and had to stop writing. Pls click on a like/dislike option depending on your opinion. All suggestions are hugely welcomed.

Sneak peak #1:
“ Mr. X you don’t know her. She is one of the…” one of the girls snapped out from her book and started to defense Saanchi. “Quiet! I don’t care who she is? Even if she got the problem right, I will have to send her to detention” the teacher looking at saanchi with disdain. Kabir smirks and crosses his arms. “ Young man, you too are sent to detention for ignoring the fact that I was here and started a cat fight” the teacher hands Kabir a pink slip. “ But, I don’t belong in this class. It’s a schedule issue” Kabir protested. “ haha, loser” saanchi flipped her hair back and held her head high with pride.

Sneak peak#2
“ don’t you see all five of you are gifted. All of you deserve to be together” she clapped her hand with excitement. “ it was just a something we did to break the boredom. We are not anything like you perceive us to be” Veer said poking Isha.

Sneak peak #3
“ Why should I agree to your offer?” Saanchi questioned while biting an apple. “Because, we are a group and this is going to be amazing for all of us. Plus, you want to be the homecoming queen right?” Kabir have a evil smile. ‘May he has point. After all now I depend on them and they depend on me’ saanchi thought in her mind.

That’s all I can give for now. Pls comment and click any one of the opinion options. And again if you have any suggestions, complaints or ideas pls share.

PS: Please DO NOT share the name of the movie if you already have guessed it. I repeat DO NOT share it now. It will spoil the fun for others.

Anyways, it’s feels great after coming back… missed all of you sooo much.. and a Warm welcome to all of the new authors. Keep writing and keep being fantastic.



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