YRKKH Why Keesh Deserves More…analysis


Hello everyone, I know I am gonna get a lot of hate, but cmon guys we can do it without targetting the person. If you are against it then target the persons argument not them.

Why Keesh deserves more!?
Firstly, after Nakshara the main lead was finalised to be Naksh but what the makers did which was wrong was to get rid of Tara. I admit that Mohena is better but still why get Tara in first place? Ok, it was good in some ways as we got Keesh now. To make Keesh happen, Kaira was there. And to be honest, they were a perfect couple. But for me Naira was a selfish little brat who only dreamed about HER FAMILY consisting her father, mother and brother. But what about Gayu? She deserves to be in that family. Lets grt back to the point why Keesh deserves more, the point is that Naksh was main lead as well that means Keesh are also the main couple so they should get 11 mins and Kaira should get 11 mins. Fair right?

Mohena and Rishi are very talented actors, Mohsin too. But seriously Shivangi should get acting classes, makeup and overacting like everything about her bugs me. Seriously Surbhi Chandna should teach her coz we all seen Surbhi’s acting and make up and she won all of our hearts. Kartik is like a pet to Naira. Naira is a blo*dy mahan person always teaching Kartik and Naira’s crying Oh My Mata is a nightmare.

Keesh is a divine couple. They both care about each others opinions but in case of Kaira its just Naira’s opinion. And I think Shivangi needs to wear less make up, I think its maybe because she has dark skin but you know what skin colour doesn’t divine beauty. It doesn’t matter what skin colour you have it matters how you see yourself (if that makes sense).
So my arguement is that Keesh should get 11 mins in the serial and they should also be called the main leads!

Drop down your thoughts below guys!


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