Marring the Seclusion (Intro)


Marring the seclusion

Looking through the garden she felt it for one last time as in to capture every part of it in her eyes for the rest of her life, and flashbacks of that accident danced in her eyes. She was again starting to feel helpless enough to leave this idea of departure but she knew she had to do it for the sake of both of them.
perhaps she was late because suddenly he came in front of her, “so you have decided you won’t stop….hun? And taking her bag in his hand and brushing his hand to hers said softly. “Please stop being a 5 years old girl and come inside.”and she found her fingers already interwined through his fingers.
she tried running away but in no time was caged by him ,and tears started pulling in her brown eyes, “please, let me go. Why you are stopping me when we don’t even live as a couple .”
“Because I want to give us a chance and you are not agreeing to that.”

Before we say a good bye to breaking the silence ,I want to give you guys this second one coming just as we finish the former.
Tell me your views about this, I’ll be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.
p.s. – also the cover it holds is imaginary one and maybe after your response we can decide together who we want as the couple. 


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