Me and my love a shivika love story (once again) 20th shot


Hello guys welcome again thank you for your comments and so much support u guys just see I will make this story a great one
Here’s the next chapter enjoy it

At night
Shivika room****

Anika try to sleep ansh ,and shivaay come inside the room with a bang on the door and ansh awake
A- shivaay what did you do
S- sorry sorry Jaan wait I’ll come
A- shhh don’t worry I’ll handle
And she is successful to sleep ansh
And she place her on the bed
S- my both babies are looking sooo cute.
A- how’s your day in office

S- yaa good but I miss both of you
A- come
Shivaay place his head on anika’s lap and he take ansh on his chest,,he kissed his soft hands
A- he is very stubborn like u
S- afterall he is my son he has to stubborn

Suddenly he remembers Rudra party
S- acha baby I have a very important meeting after 2hrs so I have to attend the meeting so u nd my cutie take rest I’ll come soon ok baby

A- ok take care and all the best
S- thank you baby
Come he peck on her lips nd place ANSH on bed nd leaves the room
Shiomru trio did a lot party with lots of girls ,lots of drinks nd trio sleep

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