“The Perfect Bahus” Part 2


The family was running cosmetics business all over the world. It was a well-cultured family where the owner Mr.Vasudev Bhatt and Mrs.Akhila Bhatt were protecting the family and its honour. Malar’s Father, Mr.Anbu Ahuja was working as a driver to the family. Once her daughter had attained the marriage age, he decided to have her along with him.
Having got permission from Mrs.Akhila Bhatt, Malar’s father decided to bring Malar Ahuja and her younger brother Mukesh Ahuja to bring to the spot. He writes a letter to her daughter stating that she should come to the house to live along with him. Malar was overjoyed as she is going to see such a big family. She informed Mukesh that she should land at her father’s workplace as soon as possible. While she was packaging their stuff, she felt guilty of leaving her favorite rose plant beyond. She asks her brother to take the plant too.
She lands in Mumbai with her brother. At the bus stop, she sees a couple who are annoyed with their child. She offers her support to get rid of the child’s disturbances. She picks the child in her arms and taps her hand around the chest. The child gets cured and the couple blesses her for helping them.
Her father Mr.Ahuja arriving at the spot to pick them up. Malar is happy enough as she is dreaming about the big house. Will the house members be happy at her arrival? Will Malar be able to impress her malick’s? Keep reading……


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