Dard e dil ki siffarish Part 14: Finding Mr. Oberoi!


Part 14: Finding Mr. Oberoi!

Hola Twistinians I’m back and I’m sorry for being late. Show some Ishq for IshKara, PriVeer and RumYa.

After partying for an hour or so, Saumya said while indicating at OmRu: “now it’s time for your revenge boys!” “But what about Shivaay bhaiya and Anika bhabhi?” Rudra asked and Ishana replied back while holding Omkara’s hand: “we will do their part!” All of them looked at their interwined fingers while Ishkara were having an long eyelook and the others were smiling looking at them like this. Their eyes were speaking volumes which only this two could understand and no one else. Soon they decided to find out where Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi is while hacking into his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. “I know where he is!” Rudra said with a lot of excitement making the others happy. “So where is he?” Priyanka asked him while Ranveer answered back: “in Europe!” “What is he doing there?” Omkara asked. “He is there to sell some girls he has in his hostage!” “What a creap!” Ishana said and the rest agreed as they knew that she was right. “O can you please book our flight as soon as possible so that we can get over and done with him soon!” Rudra said and everyone agreed. “The next flight will be tomorrow, the flight will departure at 10 pm and we will arrive on Sunday afternoon.” Omkara said and the others said: “okay book it!” “Then he booked it. Now they were planning how to trap Mr. Oberoi and how they can make him pay for everything he has done, so they thought it’s better if someone seduces him, the girls weren’t ready to do that so they had to pick up a pencil and the one who has the smallest one has to seduce him. So they girls took a pencil each and the one who has to seduce him is Priyanka. “All the best Prinku and don’t worry I will be by your side so you that you don’t have to go to him by yourself!” Saumya said while Rudra said while smirking at them: “yes Priyanka even your Ranveer is with you!” Ranveer’s eyes nearly popped out while Priyanka was blushing like a beetroot. “Hoye oye Prinku is blushing like a newly wedded bride!” IshKara said at the same time. As it was late at night they all went to sleep after a long teasing session of all the couples.

The next day they were packing the most important gadgets that they need, some of their clothes and their fake IDs as well as a new phone. After they packed they ate something, said goodbye to RagSan and Ishana’s grandparents, then they went to the airport where they were waiting for their flight.

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