Let me love you my sweetheart epi 3


Teju gets scared seeing everyone.Swara glares her in anger .Teju holds sanskar’s arms.He wraps his arms around her shoulder tightly and protectively.Swara gets more angry .She was gaping at teju.Teju was looking very beautiful inspite of bandages and scars. whereas swara was filled with make up but still teju was more stunning with her innocence. Sanskar notices it .
Ram ,sujatha were very happy. uttara was grinning..
Sanskar: What happened swara .oh I understand.My teju is looking like real angel right .even you are not able to turn your eyes away from her .
Swara gives an angry stare to both of them.Sanskar looks at teju lovingly
Sanskar: angel this is my family.
Teju looks at swalak.
Sanskar: no no not them they are outsiders.He is laksh my friend and that is his wife .My ..i mean our family is behind them.
Sujatha and Uttara rush towards teju.
Sanskar: my mom and sister .
Uttara holds teju’s hands.
Uttara: hello Bhabhi you are truly very beautiful.Maa you should remove nazar to bhabhi .Dont know how many evil eyes fell upon her.
she indicates swara .
Swara fumes.
Ram: sanskar what happened to her.
Sanskar: dad she met with accident.
Sujatha: dont worry sanskar now I will feed her well and make her fine. Teju smiles .
Uttara makes all the arrangements for gruhpravesh.
Teju was about to enter but swara stops her.
Ragsan look on confused.
Swara: seriously sanskar ..I know you are trying to get back at me for marrying laksh.
Sanskar: who the hell are you.Teju is my wife and I dont need to prove that to you.
Swara: oh really.ok then aunty you are trying to do her gruhpravesh na. Will your bahu do gruhpravesh without her mangalsutra.
Teju checks her neck while sanskar becomes tensed.
Swara: so sanskar where is her mangalsutra.
Sanskar: look. ..
Teju: my mangalsutra?Sanskar where is it?I want it sanskar.Please tell me where is it?
Sanskar gets tensed seeing her like this.
Swara: wow drama queen.Oscar level acting.By the way how do you charge for one day with sanskar.
Tears stung to teju’s eyes.
Sanskar closes his hands in anger.
Sanskar:Laksh you are still my friend thats why I am telling you .Ask your wife to shut her blo*dy mouth before I slap her.
Swara fumes.
Teju starts feeling dizzzy.She was about to fall but sanskar holds her.
Sanskar: angel don’t worry .
Teju: I want my mangalsutra sanskar.
Sanskar: wo ..
someone : excuse me sir.Sanskar maheshwari?
Sanskar: thats me.
Someone: sir I am from city hospital.Sir your wife’s jewellery was taken off during surgery so we came to return it.
He hands small package and goes.
Sanskar pulls out a mangalsutra from it.
Ragini sees some flashes as soon as she sees it.
Sanskar gets confused seeing it.
Teju: that is mine.
Sanskar: what?
Teju: I remember it .Its mine sanskar.
Sanskar nods in okay.
Swara gets angry
Sujatha: sanskar great now make teju wear it.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Sanskar: now?Mom Teju is tired and she is not supposed to stand for long time. I will make her wear it later.
Sujatha: but sanskar.
Sanskar : mom I dont want to do it infront of such people.Please.He points to swara.
Ragini does gruhpravesh .but as soon as she enters the house she feels dizzy again.
Sanskar picks her up in bridal style
Swara fumes in jealousy.
Sanskar stops infront of her.
Sanskar: by the way .May I know why did you come and be fast as I have to spend time with my wife.
Swara smirks.
Swara: Teju right?
Sanskar: wrong
Sanskar: tejaswi sanskar Mahshwari.
Swara: fine tejaswi ji I am sorry for what happened.Actually coming tuesday its my wedding reception.I want you both to come.
Sanskar raises his eyebrow.
Swara: I know you dont want to come keeping our history in mind.
Sanskar: I will come you can leave.
He carries teju to his room and makes her lie on the bed.
Swara leaves embarrassed

In room.

Sanskar sits next to teju.She holds his hand in hers.
Teju: sanskar wo swara…
Sanskar: sshhh..Quiet .you are tired just sleep.
Teju: but she..
sanskar: angel .she is useless character no need to discuss her .Just take rest and no worries okay.
He wraps her in a comfortor and caress her hair leaves the room.

Uttara comes there.
Uttara: bhai mom was calling you.
Sujatha and Ram were waiting for sanskar downstairs.
Sujatha: sanskar what is this.In front of swara I didnt say anything but you got married and you didnt even tell us.
Ram: sanskar its not that we dont like teju .We like her but we feel terrible to miss our own son’s wedding
Sanskar: don’t worry dad you didn’t miss my wedding actually teju is not my wife.
Sujatha and ram were shocked
sanskar tells them everything.
Sujatha: oh poor kid.She must be feeling so bad now not remembering anything.

Sanskar: swara made me hate all the girls mom but I dont know whenever I see teju I feel so out of this world.I can’t see her hurt.Within these 3 days I have formed a unusual bond with her.
Uttara: but bhai that mangalsutra.Teju said it was hers.That means she is already married.
Sanskar’s face becomes disappointed.
Sanskar(in mind): He is very lucky.

A voice: I am damn unlucky.
A man is shown in his vest he was punching his punching bag.tightly.
He stops himself and goes to the photo frame on the wall.It was of teju.
He caress the photo lovingly .His eyes are shown which were red and Teary.

Person : where are you ragini?Why did you leave me.you know na I can’t live without you.we promised each other na that we will never leave each other then why did you break your promise .I live with this hope that I will see you again alive.Please come back .I feel suffocated to live without you.Is our love so weak .Please come back to me.

Episode ends.

I thought of not posting this story for sometime but I will post it.
And about that person.He is positive.Loves ragini a lot .please dont vote for Ratan.I wont take him.Please suggest any other actor in his place ..


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