Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 23


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Let’s begin:

Sanskar Ni Sanskari Swara(SwaSan fs)
Shot 23:
Recap: swasan clear misunderstanding about birth control pills.

After two months:
SwaSan came out of the airport along with shomi. Their flight just landed in india. They thought to visit India once to meet their parents and spend time with them. Sanskar assures that he will handle his work online. Sanskar’s one hand in holding swara’s hand and other has trolley. They saw ram is waiting for them.
” how are u dad??” Swara was the first one who ran and hugged him. Swara has unique fatherly bond with ram.
” I’m good and you??” Ram pat her cheeks.
” I’m super fine after all I came to india. New York is so boring” she said while sanskar roll his eyes at her tantrums.
” hi dad I hope you remember me” Sanskar interpreted them.
” of course sanskar” ram hugged him.
” dad someone is jealous” she suppress her smile. Sanskar narrow his eyes at her but she don’t care.
Shomi also greeted ram and they left from there.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan came inside where sujata and dida are waiting for them. Swara has convinced dida and shomi to live with them for few days and they agreed. Swara hugged dida and sujata,later they sit in the hall talking casually. Sujata and ram noticed sanskar is totally changed, he was never a family type of man. Earlier he used to come very rare and when he used to come he was just stick to his laptop. They are happy that these all changes are bcoz of swara.
” mom I’m hungry let’s do dinner” sanskar said.
” swara you don’t give food to my son how much weight he lost” sujata acted fakely angry.
” seriously mom she don’t even ask I’m alive on hotel food” sanskar made a puppy face.
” mom I always make new dishes for him but he don’t care” swara’ s face fell.
” sanskar that’s very bad” sujata changed her party towards swara’s side.
” sorry swara but now may I get the food” he asked with a fake smile.
” come let’s go” sujata get up and all went to dining area.

SwaSan Room:
Sanskar enter inside the room and his heart get filled with so many emotions. This is the room where he first time saw swara and talked to her on their marriage night.
” plz you change and take rest” he still remember the words he said to her. That day he was planning whole night to get rid of her but he was so stupid not to realize she is his soulmate. He just want everything same with swara always with him.
” where are you lost sanskar” swara enter inside the room.
” nothing I will change” he shook his head and went washroom taking his clothes.
Swara start checking their suitcase trying to find her night wears when one packet caught her attention. She picked and saw it was flock of knee length. It remained her that she went to shopping with ishani and she forced her to wear such clothes and purchased. Its not like that she never wore short dresses, she used to wear before marriage but at home only in front of her dida and shomi. And now Sanskar will be there.
” let’s give a try” she closed the bag quickly before she change her mind again.
Soon sanskar came out wearing casuals and swara went to washroom.

After half an hour:
Swara came out of the washroom and saw sanskar is talking on the phone near window. He turn listening to door opening sound, his eyes widen mouth got open in shock. He is seeing swara for the very first time in such dress. She always wear suit, saree or sometimes full jean and now wearing light pink flock above her knees and just with strips was really shock for sanskar.
” I will call you later john” he said and cut the call. Swara gulp feeling his intense gaze.
” I should not have worn this” she thought but now its too late to regret. Her heart beat more faster with the every step sanskar take closer. She move back when he was almost near. Her back is hitting wall and Sanskar stood close to her.
” you are planning to kill me?” He whisper in her ear wrapping his hand on her waist. Swara’s eyes got closed as he kiss her cheeks.
” how I’m looking??” She asked fumbling with words.
” after making me breathless you are asking this?” He lick her lips making it more difficult for her.
” sanskar please” she mumble.
” what please??” He was definitely enjoying her vulnerable state.
” leave me plz” she pleaded but he is least interested in showing mercy on her.
” do you really think I will leave you tonight??” He was questioning her back to back. Her cheeks are heated and turn to darkest shade of pink.
” you are making me nervous” she accepted with frown forming on her already flushed face.
” I absolutely didn’t intend to” he said and cups her face.
” I’m desperately waiting for third one between us” sanskar again blurted.
” this is too much sanskar” she said feeling shy.
” I still didn’t started swara” he raise his arms in air as if amused.
Swara roll her eyes. If she will say something he will again make her embarrass.
” you should often wear such dresses” he said slowly.
” why??” Swara asked.
” Bcoz you look cute” sanskar said before kissing her lips. She closed her eyes and they shared a sweet and soft kiss. Sanskar picked her in his arms talking to bed. Leaning on her,he again capture her lips. It didn’t took time for them to get lost in blissful world.
Later, swara is lying on sanskar’s chest caressing his chest and he is busy playing with her hairs.
” sanskar” she called him.
” hmm” he pull her more closer.
” you want baby boy or girl??” She asked as they never told about this to each other. They are waiting for their baby and praying to god to bless them.
” first of all I want baby” he said showing his curiosity.
” me too” she said hiding her face in his chest.
” I want girl for sure and don’t mind if boy is there but girl should be there and you?” he said.
” I don’t have any specific choice I will be okay with both” she told.
” I will also be happy but girl is specific for me” he said firmly.
” hmm but what if we got only boy??” Swara raise her brow.
” then will keep trying till we will be blessed with girl” he said naughtily making her blush.
” good night” she whisper closing the topic.
” good night” sanskar kiss her forehead.

After a week:
Whole week swasan were busy doing so many things like visiting to school as swara wants to meet teachers and students then they have to meet few of the relatives.
One morning, sanskar is sitting in the hall busy on his laptop. Swara came from kitchen completing household chores. They are alone as ramta went out while shomi and dida has already left to Bose house.
Swara sit beside Sanskar placing her head on his shoulder closing her eyes. He saw she look tired and pale.
” what happened swara??” He asked.
” I’m feeling tired” she lazily mumble opening her eyes.
” don’t do so much of work just relax” he wrap his arm around her waist.
” Sanskar I want to tell you one thing but first promise you won’t get angry” she was playing with his shirt button.
” yeah say” he narrow his eyes at her suspiciously.
” I got vomiting in the morning and also feeling dizzy from two days” she said nervously.
” why didn’t you told me!” sanskar moved back getting panicked.
” sanskar it’s nothing more calm down” she held his hand.
” we are going to doctor and no arguments” he said sternly.
” we will go but let mom dad come we can’t go like this” she try to make him understand.
” hmm but we are going later” he ordered.
” okay don’t worry I’m fine” she smile and kiss his cheeks.
” I think we ate at stall yesterday that’s why it happened I was saying swara it’s not hygienic but who listen to me” he keep on giving lecture and swara was silently listening to him lying on his chest.
To be continued….

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