Two hearts with one beat epi 20… ragsan


It was one week that ragini was discharged from hospital and sanskar was continuously saying sorry to her but she kept on ignoring him .She was not all talking to him.

It was bright morning. Our doll was completely recovered and fit and fine.Sumi brings her coffee.
Sumi: ragini Atleast change now.Get up .Have a bath.
She keeps the coffee mug on the night table.
Ragini notices a small paper stuck to sumi’s back.


Ragini: mishty what is this.
She takes it out and shows to sumi.
Sumi: I dont know..Wait hmm I think sanskarYou are welcome.Is there anything else that I can assist you with? has put it.He came in the morning and gave me a hug .I thought mami pe pyar aaya but no he was missing you.
Ragini makes faces at the paper.

Sumi: why dont you forgive him.
Ragini : no never. He hurt my ego.I will never forgive him and you are my mother atleast try to support me.
Sumi: you are being stubborn.He is saying sorry na.
Ragini: no mishty I will never forgive him.Infact I will never have anything to do with him.
She takes a sip of her coffee.
Sumi rolls her eyes.
Sumi: By the way that coffee .Its made by sanskar.
Ragini spits it .
Ragu: what?
Sumi: yes.not only that he even made your favourite breakfast.He came early in the morning.
Everything is very delicious.But I think you will not eat it , right?
Ragini glares sumi.and takes another sip of coffee.
Sumi opens her mouth in disbelief.
Sumi: how shameless you are .You say you are angry on him and now you are drinking his hand made coffee.
Ragini: excuse me .He made mistake and is repenting for it.Why should I not eat anything.I will eat everything..
Sumi: but…
Dadi:Sumi ragini is right .Sanskar doesnt deserves punishment.
Sumi: maaji aap whatever you want.
She leaves.
Dadi smiles and turns towards ragini who was looking at her with suspicion.
Dadi: what?
Ragini: paru are you really supporting me or acting like supporting me.Just tell what is cooking in your devil mind.
Dadi: laado I love sanskar but my laado is also very important to me.
Ragini looks on with doubt.
Dadi: well I have a solution.Best way to torture a man is to marry him.Meri sun le and marry sanskar and torture him like hell.
Ragini acts like thinking.
Ragini: you are right shaadi karungi aur band bajaungi.Sanskar ki bhi aur uss swara ki bhi.
Dadi: dont leave that girl at all.
Ragini: never.
She looks at her coffee.
Ragini:paru if not for revenge atleast for this coffee I will marry your grandson.Maa kasam kya coffee banata hai.Shadi karungi aur I will make him prepare food..
She runs into washroom to get ready.
Dadi smiles at her.
Dadi imagines ragsan together
Dadi: hey bhagvan just don’t let any bad sight on my kids.I just wish to see my ragsan together.

Ragini is seen shopping and yuvi who came with her went call someone .Ragini was shopping.She takes a dress and puts it on her to see if it fits…
Ragini: pooja see how is it.
Sanskar comes from behind.
Sanskar: My mental looks like angel in anything.
Ragini’s breath is caught .
Ragini throws the dress on his face and goes stomping from there .Sanskar also runs behind her but hits to a statue and hurts himself. Actually it doesn’t pain much.But he knows ragini cares for him so he shout as if in pain.
Ragini immediately looks at him in concern
Ragini: what happened?
Sanskar : I collided with this rock statue.
She moves to him with concern.
Ragini: cant you see .How can you collide with rock.See now what happened.
I know now it must be paining so much.Wait I will apply balm.
Sanskar smirks seeing her concern.
She takes balm from her bag and bends down to apply it .
Ragni: It is paining so much na.wait within no time you will be okay.
She starts applying the balm but she applies it to the statue.
Sanskar looks at her confused.
Sanskar: what are you doing.
Ragini: applying balm to statue.cant you see?
Sanskar: I got hurt by colliding the rock
Ragini: oh no mr sanskar .there is no hard stone here .Its only you who is rock hard stone hearted here.So dont worry even if you get hurt you wont ever understand pain.
She turns around to leave and sanskar who gets angry because of this holds her hand
He starts shouting
Sanskar: wait why are you so akdu?
Ragini also shouts.
Ragini: me? Akdu?you are sadu.
Sanskar: agreed I made a mistake but you are being so unreasonable.I said sorry.
Ragini: I dont want your sorry.Its ganda.Yuck sorry.
Sanskar: You are so stubborn whoever marries you is gone.I think I am lucky I wont have to marry you.I could never deal with a wife like you.
Ragini: acha.Husbands like you who dont understand will say this only .First hurt us and then say sorry.
Sanskar: you should understand.I work so much and have lot of tensions in mind .I do so much for you and sara(sanskar+ragini ) ki I get angry sometimes. As wife you should be patient.
Ragini: who is sara now?(she is confused.)
Sanskar : obviously our daughter.
Ragini: stop it okay.I deal a lot with you and your daughter and have to take your tantrums also.
Sanskar : hello even I deal with you.Leave it .I wont talk to you now.
Ragini: now you will say this only but at night you only come begging to me.
Sanskar: wo that is because ..because..
Ragini: what?
Sanskar : you are my weakness.But now I will not.
Ragini: if you keep doing this I will go to my maayka.
Sanskar: go atleast then I will be free from your stupid palak paneer.(sorry palak paneer fans)
Ragini: acha.pehle you used to kiss my fingers and now.
Sanskar: haa thats my mistake thats why seven years se only palak paneer.
Ragini: I want divorce.
Sanskar: me too.

They were so involved in fight that they were practically shouting aloud.
Yuvi who saw a crowd gathered comes to them.
Sanskar sees him.
Sanskar: yuvi tell your sister to behave properly otherwise I will divorce her and take my daughter with me.
Yuvi is confused.
Yuvi: divorce and daughter.
Ragini: bhai tell your jiju even I want divorce but sara will be with me only.She is my daughter too.
Yuvi widens his eyes.
Yuvi: sara?
Sanskar: shut up ok
Ragini: you shut up.
Yuvi: Both of you shut up.
Yuvi screams.
He takes a deep breath.
Yuvi( he turns to ragini): you tell me who is sara.
Yuvi(he turns to sanskar): you tell me when did you guys got married.
Ragini and sanskar both come to senses and realise what was happening.Ragini goes stomping angrily.
Sanskar: angry bird kahi ki.
Yuvi: oh hello .I dont know why she is just not talking to you.Usually she would have broken your nose by now.By the way you wanted to say sorry instead you are fighting.
Sanskar: yaar what to do.She is so adamant.
Yuvi: why do you think I dont fight with her?
Sanskar puts scared face.

Epi ends.

Precap: patch up.

First so sorry for all of those people who messaged me for updating the stories but I did not respond to your messages.Trust me I was very busy.I even missed RLHN .from one week I did not watch it.So sorry for it.I will do my best as far as possible.Well about today’s episode while writing I felt its very
boring .Please forgive me for such boring one.

Please watch RLHN.


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