WHY DID I GET MARRIED? (SwaSan fs) Teaser by Marsuu


Hello guys!!!! Actually i want to share the story which stuck my mind recently. Here is a teaser to know your views whether you are interested to read or not. I will not continue if you all are willing to read. Just have a look on the intro. I had already given a promo of
” Sunshine in the darkness” will continue them if you all want.

The story is continuation from the serial track when RAGINI PUSHED SWARA IN THE RIVER ON HER MARRIAGE DAY.

All are serching for swara as she vanished from her own marriage. Some neighbours are badmouthing and started pointing at her character saying she was found in clubs and hotel room which was actually planned by ragini and sanskar to degrade her image.
Sanskar’s identity is revealed and all are mad at him for doing drama of being mad and played with their emotions.
Sanskar though revealed he is mentally stable but still he didn’t patch up with maheshwaris. He is not able to forgive them bcoz he had suffered alot in last five years but he felt bad for swara as she is unnecessarily crushed in his revenge which is meant for maheshwari family moreover he has a soft corner for laksh so at the last moment he back off allowing swara to get married to laksh.

Swara is no where, maheshwari’s has started blaming her as they were not willing to do this marriage as swara is bengali and they like ragini as she is traditional madwari girl but laksh was stubborn to marry swara.
Shomi and dida are worried for swara but someone else is also worried and he is laksh. He don’t believe the vedio which state swara don’t want to marry bcoz he trust swara.
Laksh announced he will wait for swara and will marry her only. He didn’t paid attention to his family’s protest.
The bomb dropped on ragini’s head as her whole plan got trashed. He thought laksh will be angry at swara and she will do the drama and gaining everyone’s sympathy will marry laksh. But destiny is not in ragini’s hands. Ragini panicked but she thought something and smirk at sanskar.
Laksh and sanskar went to find swara.
Will sanlak be able to find swara???
What ragini will do to break swara and laksh’s marriage???
Whom swara will marry??
If swara get married to laksh then how swasan will be together???
How love will blossom between SwaSan?

To know the answers of all these questions drop down your comments and let me know your opinion.
Atleast leave a single word otherwise i won’t disturb you all by continuing it.
If you find it similar to any already written story then tell me now itself.

Thank you.


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