Swara You are Perfect (Chapter 1) by despacito


Hi friends i am going to write the first part of my story. I am really beat nervous. I choose a hard topic for my story so i have to maintain the way. Please comment how is the topic? This for my dear friend vipra aka manyapv5. Please support me guys. Ok no more bak bak. Lets start the story.

*finger cross*
First scene
A big room is showing a beautiful girl is sleeping peacefully in a king size creamy bed. Her body is covering by blanket. Then a woman of mid forty enter in the room and jerk the girl.
– wake up shona its 6 o’clock in the morning.
– whaaat!! I am one hour late. Sorry mamma.
– its ok beta. Next day dont do this. Now get fresh and come down.
– ok mamma.
Then the lady gone from the room.
– oh shit why this morning come. No swara darling you are really late you have to go office. The girl is blabbering herself. ( yeah this girl is our swara)
Then she goes to the washroom.

Second Scene
A dinning room is showing. A early 50 man is sitting on head sit, his left side swara & right side that woman.
The woman tell to the man
– today i am not coming collage shekhar.
– why shormi?
– today is siya’s godvarai.
– ohh. Swara beta do you go with your mamma?
– no papa.
– then dont go office.
– why papa?
– we will do fun on house after long day.
Other hand sharmi is fumming in anger.
– what do you mean shekhar? I am the problem of your fun?
– no mishti you na. I was just kidding.
Then all done their breakfast and gone to their respective place.

Third scene
A big office is showing. There many employee are working along with our swara. She is too much busy in work suddenly her phone started ringing. She picked it up
– hello!
– hi! I think you are too much busy in work.
– yeah sanskar i have to complete this project.
– ohh! Can you come my home after work?
– i will try dear.
– ok sorry for disturb.
– no no its ok.
– ok bye sweety. Love you.
– hmm. Love you too.
Then she cut the call and look at the watch.
– omg its 6 now. I have to fast.

Fourth scene
A balcony of a flat is showing. Swara is sitting with a late twenty man. They are chitchating.
– sanskar jab tumhare sang yeh taro vari asman ko dekhti hun ajeeb sa chain milta hai. ( sanskar when i saw the starfull sky along with you i feel something magical)
– swara why are you this much good?
– i am good for you sanskar not for all. But you know i want to be everyone’s good person.
– swara may i lay on your lap?
– hmm. Lay.
Then he put his head on her lap and continue their chitchating.

My exam is going on so i cant write very much. Sorry guys for small part.
Bye everyone
Take care
With love


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