“The Perfect Bahus” Part 3


Malar’s Arrival.

Malar arrives at the spot and admires of the house. Meanwhile, Mr.Ahujha introduces her to Mrs.Akhila Bhutt. She blesses her to live happy forever. The Bhutts have two sons and a daughter, namely,Mr. Aditiya Bhutt,Mr. Divakar Bhutt and Miss. Prerna Bhutt. Mr.Vasudev Bhutt has his younger brother family with him. His family is Mr.Vaishanav Bhutt, Mrs. Laxmi Vaishnav Bhutt, Mr.Hari Bhutt (their son) and Miss. Sreya Bhutt(their daughter). The family was busy in organization a pooja as per their tradition. Malar was happy enough as she has landed on a good day.

Next day was the birthday of Mrs.Akhila Bhutt. The house was full of happiness. However, Mrs.Laxmi Bhutt was not happy as her co-sister is dominating in all the managements of the house. She is waiting for the right time to make her low in front of the people. The house organized for a party at that same evening. Many top most important guests were invited. One such Guess was Mr.Vimalesh Yadav and their family. Mrs.Akhila Bhutt invited Malar for the party. Mrs.Akhila Bhutt asks Malar to serve drinks to the guest. Malar and the Yadavs come face to face.

What is the relationship between Yadavs and Malar? Will any problem arrive because of Malar?
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