Twinj Story of Love OS ( Part 3 )


Two months later..
It was monday morning and twinkle was on her way towards her university.. She is last year student. After reaching the university she was greeted by her friend chinki.
C- hey twinki.. Good morning!
T- good morning chinki! 🙂 lets go to class yaar or else that maths teacher will again scold us for coming late..

C- yeah lets go
Both headed towards their class and sat on their seats.. It was three seaters whole class was full except for the seat beside twinkle and chinki..
After 5 mins.. Teacher enters the class.. All students greeted him except for twinkle as she was busy in her mobile phone.. Teacher said.. I want to introduce you all to a new student.. As teacher said these lines.. Twinkle looked up and was shocked to see the person.. Teacher said.. He is kunj sarna.. Recently shifted to amritsar.. As its his first day and he has missed half course.. So twinkle taneja will help him to cover the course as she is topper here.. Kunj after listening to name TWINKLE TANEJA became shocked and looked toward the direction where teacher pointed and saw twinkle with shocked expressions staring at him..

All the memories of that night flashed infront of their eyes.. They never expected to see other again. Teacher asked kunj to sit beside chinki and twinkle as there was no other seat.. Kunj sat beside them.. Chinki in the middle.. She greeted him and asked for friendship with him which he accepted and they become good friends. While twinj were still in great shock.
To be continued..

I hope it reached your expectations


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