Pyaar Ki Kahani fs (Teaser)


Hey guys…. Rishika is here again …..
So as i said here will be the teaser to the story…. but before that ……
I want to thank the readers who read my bakwaas posts….. comment on it by taking out time and yaa even likes or dislikes it…..

Thanks alot dear swethaa, sanjukta, srija, niyaaa, anu, shivani, amnaa, riya for commenting
And i’m happy that 33 people read the previous post and plzzz do tell the reason for disliking it so that I can improve my writing and haan importantly my silent readers thanks alot…..
So today no extra bak-bak as lack of time so here’s ur teaser

Pyaar Ki Kahani – Teaser

Scene – 1

It is a big hall and two people collide with each other and one chtches the other both gets lost due to their eye contact and wind blows sounds made by other members bring them back to the world.

Scene – 2

A group of friends are sitting and teasing a girl and makes her irritated
But then the girl starts to tease her friends

Scene – 3

The two people unknowingly starts falling for each other (the collide couple) but are confused and the gang becomes CUPID for them

Scene – 4

There is a big mansion decorated like a bride and four mandaps are set up and eight people going to become four forever💖💖💖


Soo guys that it for now and plzzzz do say should i continue it or not coz i know its too bad and now wait till i post next time
The part 1 on 6th of next month
Till then….. Bye guys…. Take care…..
Love you all

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