An Angle’s touch Os


Hey guys ! This is me sanaya back with a new os ! I hope u enjoy this and plsss vote and comment if u want me to write more …..this one shot is just a random thought…

Sanskar Maheshwari : A well known personality..but wait not becoz of he is generous but because he is Danger !! Another name of terror in the city of kolkata..a heartless person who has a dark past …

Swara Gadodia : A cute bubbly and innocent girl…she fears from people who talk with her in high tone … Very sensitive and optimistic person

Arjun Mehra : Right hand of sanskar..he knows sanskar in and out and is his only trusted person…in the business only for sanskar..wants him to move on in his life…

So this is just an intro will continue only of u want so please comment and let me more thing am on wattpad as Castlelondon pls read my other stories there too…so goodbye


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