Endless torture in the next leap of Udaan?


As per news sources (Saas Bahu aur Betiyaan), Udaan is gonna take a leap for 5 years. The new promo is released. In that, we see Chakor and Azadgunj villagers killing Kamal Narayan ruthlessly and it’ll be the end of his rule.

Chakor will be jailed for 5 years and waits to come back to Azadgunj. After getting released, she expects that Azadgunj villagers are free and happy. But she witnesses all the children being tortured by goons and villagers being slaved. The new tormenter is none other than her sister Imli in a new fierce look.

Sooraj is also changed and doesn’t recognize Chakor. Imli is angry as Chakor returns and orders Sooraj to whip her. So this is the update of Udaan’s leap where Chakor’s sacrifice and hard work goes vain.

Comment and let me know ur feelings about the new season of Udaan.


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