Love life of samina (Episode 1)


Hi guys I am back now the story gonna start so
Here it goes

Maheshwari mansion
One girl is entering the house with little nervous,her eyes speaks thousand words,her hair is blown in that cool breeze,she is looking like an angel one maid came and informed about that girl to the family members,she entered to the hall a saw everybody munna-swati,pandit-preeti I welcomed her with wholehearted and that girl is our Naina

Naina:hello jiju and Didi then she hugged them all the four hugged her with joy then Preeti and Swati serve tea and tiffen to her and they all say and talk with eachother and
Munna:you became so mischievous now
Naina :here everybody is fine.
Swati:everybody or Sameer

Naina blushed like nothing
Then Preeti : ok don’t make her blush and when she see Sameer automatically she will started blushing.this make naina face more red
and they all asked to freshen up and come to hall
Naina went to her room and started thinking about Swati and Preeti words and there she saw Sameer photo there she took it up hugged it

Here in hall Swati and Preeti called Sameer who was in beach for jogging and Swati and Preeti tell about Naina to him hearing her name he had a broad smile on his face and in that movement itself he want to meet her hug her and kiss her soon he came home and Naina in mm came hot from her room drying her hair with towel here so fast came to naina’s room they both hit eachother and Sameer falls over naina…..

Stay tuned for more updates


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