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Part: 25
Shivaay after writing done on the list of wishes got fresh completely and walked out of the washroom…
Annika was walking out of kitchen with two cups of espresso “Tuffy good morning…” she wished the little creature who was walking with her
Shivaay sat down on bean bag and spread his arms “Come tuffy” he moved his fingers in a gesture of calling him and he jumped on him and started licking his face “Good morning” he patted him “See this is the way annika to wish someone good morning” he placed tuffy down and looked at her folding his arms

Annika “Ewww I’m not gonna lick his face at all shivaay” she made faces “I didn’t know annika that you don’t have common sense” he giggled “What?” she acted all dumb “Nothing…” he smiled and tried holding the cup from her hand “Chee you… go wash your hands and face first!” she moved back making faces… “Haww annika I just washed my face and hands too” he was confused “Shivaay tuffy licked your face and then you’ve patted him too…If you’re forgetting” she placed the cups on table and jumped on her bean bag “Oh yeah, it slipped from my mind…” he smiled and turned to go “I know it’s good to be open minded but not this much that things starts slipping out from that open door of mind” she giggled “That was really very lame annika” he rolled his eyes and walked into his room to clean…

*Few moments later*

Shivaay came back and sat on his bean bag and picked up his cup “Btw did you liked last night’s surprise?” he stammering asked “Ofcourse Yes… I said it in night too” she smiled “Ahan, what next thing would you like to do from your wish list?” he asked sipping “Umm… I don’t want it to be done by my wish… I mean I want it to be like a surprise from you” she answered sipping “I love this thing about you that, you never hesitate before telling your feelings…” he smiled and leaned toward her to kiss her but she moved aside, as he was closing his eyes he didn’t see her and fell of the bean bag. “Ahh” he shouted while hit his head on floor “Shit” she mumbled and moved to him… “Sorry” she caressed his face “I didn’t think that this will end up like this, I’m really sorry shivaay. Is it hurting much? Are you alright?” she kept on asking without even taking breath and her eyes started to well up. Shivaay immediately pecked her lips and she went silent. “I know you didn’t do it intentionally and it’s not hurting at all, I’m perfectly fine annika” he cupped her face and pulled her into a hug and she sobbed little “I was scared. Doctor has told me to not let anything hit on your head ever again otherwise…” she sniffed “No! Nothing will happen to me now. Never ever. At least not till you’re with me annika” he tightened the hug “And I’m not going to leave you. Never ever” she reciprocated and placed kissed on his shoulder…

“Annika, get ready fast we need to go somewhere… Please don’t ask where and why” he withdrew himself from her and stood up “Please, tell me where?” she made a puppy face and he rolled his eyes in disbelief “C’mon I just said I will not tell so don’t ask” he forwarded his hand to her to hold to stand “I don’t need it. Huh!” she jerked away his hand and walked toward the stair case “Umm annika!” he called her but she didn’t respond “annika, I’ve to go out of country for some meeting. I want you to join, pack your stuff.” He held her hand and said this caressing her face “Hmm.” She hummed and slowly walked to her room…

• After Sometime•
“I’m ready shivaay. Let’s go” she called him out standing near the door with 2 suit cases “Coming…” he answered from the room and after few seconds stepped out of room and his jaw drops “What?” she snapped her finger’s in-front of him walking up to him “Annika… what’s in the bag??” he asked closing his mouth and looking at her in wonder “Umm… shivaay you didn’t told me where we’ll be going… so I packed both clothes of summer and winter…” she pouted “Still…this much?” he looked at her and then at luggage’s “Umm… shivaay you didn’t told me for how many days we are going… so I packed all the clothes I had… one is of winter and one is of summer clothes” she passed an innocent smile and he dropped his head and sighed “Annika, no need to take anything like clothes. Just pack something which is necessary. Which you know you need at flight too.” He cupped her face and walked to kitchen to drink water and she stood still wondering “Haww he want me to not take anything then what I’ll wear” she thought “Don’t worry about that honey.” He brought her out of thoughts and she immediately rushed back to her room with bags and returned with only a back-pack and locking the house they both sat in car with pets and drove off…
“Wese where we are going?” she asked randomly and he smiled at her desperation “To get married” he placed his hand on her hand and she kept looking straight with bulging eyes…

To Be Continued…


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