Swara You are Perfect (Chapter 2) by despacito


Hi friends thank you so much for your response. I am very grateful to you guys. I don’t know my story is going in right track or not. But i am trying to do it properly. Ok my bak bak ki the end & lets start the story.
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Precap – Swara’s cute moment with shemish and romantic moment with sanskar.

Next day morning
Swara is having breakfast with her family. They are chitchating together.
She- swara beta do you plan to spend today with your friends?
Sw- no papa. But why?
Shar- woh today Ram ji & sujata ji is coming kolkata today. So we thought to invite them in dinner.
Sw- ya mamma you are right they should be tired.
Sh- i also thought i should call pandit ji and fixed a date for your marrige.
Sw- papa why are you in hurry? We are not going anywhere.
Shar- but beta neighbers, relatives all are talking about you. They are pointing finger on your character beta.
Sw- leave them na. We have to live our life in our style. Ok i done my breakfast i have to go Anusha’s house.

In road
Lady 1- See this gadodia’s daughter she has no mannres.
L 2- what does she do now?
L 1- my husband was telling that she went to her fiancè’s house at night.
Swara listen all this firstly she try to ignore but then she cant bear and replied them ” auntieji told your husband that i gone to my fiancès house who is my would be husband so i can go his house any time and dont need your opinion.”
Then she go away for anushas house.

In anushas house
Anusha (played by ankita sharma) is making coffee & swara is sitting on kitchen slab they are chitchating.
Sw- yaar anu you will be get married in some days then with whom i will be talk?
Anu- Swara may i tell you that i will not talk to you after marrige. By the you can marry Sanskar!!
Sw- what yaar why all are you behind me? I will not talk to you.
Swara’s phone started ringing
Sw- yes papa
She- woh beta samdhiji are came.
Sw- ok papa i am coming.
Then she drop the phone and says to anusha ” hey anu i have to go i’ll meet you later.” After that she goes to her home.

At swara’s home
Sw- namaste mom dad how are you?
Suji- i am fine beta. How are you?
Sw- i am ok

Suddenly she see sanskar and says ” what are you doing here? Who invite you?”
San- why papaji.
Sw- i told you na papa just invite mom dad.
San- its ok swara i am going.
Sw- *blust in laughter* no no i was just kidding. Sit there please.
San- swara i will kill you.
At dinning table all her having dinner.
Shar- sujataji have you any problem to come here?
Suji- no no sharmisthaji we didnt have any problem
Sw-i think mom dad you should stay here at night.
She- hmm ramji shona is right. You should stay.
Ram- ok ji we will stay.
San- what will i do?
Suji- what do you mean?
San- mom if swara again tell me that she doesn’t tell me to stay then, what will i do?
Sw- you sanskar i just tell you are making issue i will kill you.
They all bust in laughter & after completing dinner all go to their respective room and take sleep.

Will be Continued…

Bye friends for today take care every one.
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