It was too late….Shivika ff Part 12


Hey readers…
Here is the 12th part of the ff. Sorry I couldnt reply to your comments on few of my articles cauz I was busy and when I got time, the comments were closed 😅 My Bad…
Recap :
Part 11 here

The terrorist was just about to pull the trigger when…


The loud noise caused everyone to look in the direction of the noise, which was the entrance to the aircraft. A bunch of military men stood there with guns in their hands, ready to shoot down anyone causing trouble. Some of them started making arrangements to move the passengers out of the aircraft.
The one clad in extra care, who supposedly looked like the Captain or Major or something..
“Surrender yourself or I’ll shoot you down. “
“How dare you ? If you move a step forward, I will kill this lady here…”
“Wait, dont do anything to the lady. “
“Put your guns down and back off, else…”
“Yes, yes…”
All the men were going to put their guns down, when the Major shot the terrorist in the foot. While he collapsed down, Anika was released from his hold and went towards that exit where the other passengers were ready to be rescued. The chuyi-muyi terrorist was caught up by the military and taken into custody. The Major and the remaining terrorist were upto a hand-to-hand fight.
The terrorist threatened of blasting the aircraft as he was wearing the suicide bomb jacket. The Major thought that there was now no way to escape the horror of the blast as the hand-to-hand fight would not last long. He was equalising the attack of the terrorist with his own strength.
He decided to delay the fight so that as much as possible passengers can go out of the aircraft.
While having the duel, the duo were shifting slightly towards the exit. One extra powerful punch from the terrorist, and the Major injured. Not that he was less powerful from the terrorist, but it was a critical hit on his chest.
The terrorist made the best of this chance. The passengers were almost rescued, just a handful of them were left. And the one standing at last, was none other than his favourite Anika. He grabbed Anika by her hand again….
The second sorry for the teeny – meeny short update but I couldnt do much more than this and never wanted to keep u all waiting. Hopefully the next update will be up soon.

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