Shadi Express (Character Sketch ) by despacito


Hi guys this a short story. It is a swasan & nairan fs. This is about the journey of marriage of two couple. Guys this is my second story. Lets start it.

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Character sketch
Swara singhania(played by HELLY SHAH) 22 years old girl. She is a fashion designer. Live with her ma, sis & masi. Going to marry Sanskar. Bubbly but somehow mature. Love her family. 2 minutes elder than her sis. Want her sister call her di.
Naina singhania (played by ANKITA SHARMA)- 22 years old girl. She is a dancer. Live with her ma, sis & masi. Going to marry Karan. Bubbly but cry baby types. Love her family. 2 minutes younger than her sis.
Sanskar Maheswari (played by VARUN KAPUR)- 26 years old handsome boy. Live with his parents. Love swara too much. He is a caring & possessive person. Only one child of his parents. He is a cricketer.
Karan Chauhan (played by SAMRIDH BAWA)- 25 years old cute boy. Live with his bhayia bhabi his parents died in accident. Stubborn to marry Naina. He is a singer.
Sharmistha Singhania- 45 years old lady. Mother of swara & naina. Love them to much. She is a school teacher. A self confident woman.
Sharda Singhania- 48 years old lady. Masi of swaina. Doing job in a ngo. She love her sis & niece very much.
Ramprasad Maheswari- 55 years old man. Father of sanskar love him very much. Consider swaina as his daughter. He is a doctor.
Sujata maheswari- 48 years old lady. Mother of sanskar. Very possessive for him. She is shopingholic & makeupholic.
Kunal chauhan- 28 years old man. Brother of karan. Love him to much. Care for him as father. He is a businessman.
Meghna chauhan- 25 years old lady. Bhabi of karan. Consider nairan as her siblings. She is the ceo of their company.

These are main characters, others will be remain in story.

Thanx for your patience
Bye everyone take care
With love


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