Love life of samina (Episode 2)


So hi guys I read all your comments its really means a lot thank you so much for your love and support so here my story continues
Maheswari mansion (mm) both naina and sameer have big eyelock. Then after some time they both get up due to the pain.
Sameer:I am so sorry it’s my mistake
Naina:it OK no problem
Then they both smiled naina blushed seeing him after so long without their control they both hugged each other and tears rolled down from both of their eyes. Watching this from far swathi and preeti giggeld and samina realised their position and went back and sameer giving broad smile went back to his room and Naina to the kitchen.

In kitchen
Naina : my pyare didis can I help you in making lunch.
Swati:no problems after your marriage you can help us.
Then both swathi and preeti starter giggling and hearing that Naina face became red like a tomato
(after sometime everybody sat for lunch)
Swati and preeti is serving to everybody Naina also sat with them.
Munna:then how is arjun Bhaiya and shefali bhabhi.
Naina: they both are good and shefali bhabhi is conceived.
Hearing this everybody became happy
Our hero sameer entered the scenario and he is going to sat with pundit. Just then preeti asked him to sat with Naina coz she want sit with her hubby.

Inside the heart sameer and Naina became happy like nothing and sameer sat with naina
All the other family members giggeld inside
And munna:so sameer Naina is joining your college tomorrow and she is your class only so take care of her OK.
Sameer replied smilingly :ok Bhaiya and both samina smiled looking at each other.

Naina enter the college with sameer coz this was their first day in collage for both samina all the girls were amazed with sameer and all the boys went crazy seeing Naina. In mm Swati collapsed in kitchen. Villas entry.


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