NaiMeer : Saying The Right Thing By Fenu (Mini OS)


Naina and Sameer are happily married couple and blessed with Son Nirmal !!

After a Saturday night party the Sameer returned home late at night heavily drunk. Next day he woke up late with a hangover. He could hardly remember how he reached home and was scared about his wife Naina to be angry with him. But to his utter amazement he found couple of aspirin and a glass of water beside his bed. He took the aspirin and when feeling little better, looked around. He found that his wife has laid down a fresh pair of clothes for him to wear when he wakes up. Next, he found his bedroom and the rest of the house perfectly clean and in order. Now, he is completely bewildered. He was rather expecting his wife Naina to be angry with him after the previous night. He discovered a loving note from his wife which runs as “Darling, I’m sorry I have to leave early in the morning because I have to go for grocery shopping. I’ll cook your favorite dinner tonight. You’ll find your breakfast awaiting you in the kitchen.” Now, he really started to feel weird as well as guilty. In the kitchen he found his little son having breakfast.

Sameer : Son, what had happened last night? I was expecting your mother to be angry with me.

Nirmal : Dad, you came really late last night. Then you puked at the sitting room rug. It was in mess; gave yourself a black eye by colliding with the door. Then when mommy tried to undress you, you shouted- ‘Leave me alone lady, I’m married’.

Moral of the story is that saying the right thing even when you’re drunk can save you big time troubles.

~~~THE END~~~

Hello Friends !! Fenil is here with my first work for our YUDKBH !! Kya socha hoga aur kya read kiya aapne yahi soch rahe honge haina…hahah mujhe bhi nahi pata kaise itna bada kaand ho gaya mujhse. I will give Tanatan work next time…who Sameer ki drink ki habit yaad aa gayi aur yeh likh diya.

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Keep Loving YUDKBH NaiMeer / SaiNa/ SamIna !!


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