Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 5)


Let’s begin..

Rag goes to a room where she kept her bag.. She open her bag and starts to search… She takes all the things out and searches… Bt the thing was missing which she has came for

Voice: kahin tum isse tho nai dhhond rahi
Rag turns and sees Sanskar and sees the same bottle in his hand
He locks the door
Rag stammer:wh… i wa…s…
San comes to her
Rag was sweating very badly
Rag: no… Wat is that?
San: u really don’t know?
He moves his hand fastly.. Rag gets scared and she closes her eyes tightly

A drop of sweat was sliding down in her side cheek
He held the drop in his finger tip
She opens her eyes
And sees him smiling
Rag was abt to go..
He held her from wrist
Rag tries to free her hand
San: you are thinking that why didn’t the drug react in swara ryte?
Rag: wat r u saying?
San: bcs i didn’t let her drink
Rag tries to free her hand… Bt he tightens his grip ..
San: why r u doing this to your own sister?
Rag didn’t say anything… Bt she was trying to free her hand
San: wait let me tell you why?
Rag looks at him…
Rag: leave my hand
San: itni bhi jaldi kya hai….
Rag: i said leave my hand
San: if i say no….
Rag: i will shout…
San: go on! Come on..i know you can’t do that. Bcs you hv been blocked by me
Rag: wat ….r trying to say?if i shout you know wat vl hpn? Your reputation..
San interupts with a smirk: i don’t care damn abt it… Bcs the scene will be different
Rag: wat vl u say? That i had mixed the drug in swara’s juice
San laughs: wn i saved you from that.. Why vl i tell all that you were trying to do such and such
Rag: wat do you mean?
San: think my girl think… If swara had drank the juice which is drugged of she does something according to drug.. At first swara will be pointed bt you think laksh is just attracted to her…noo he loves her and he won’t agree to it.. And wn the conclusion comes that who have her juice.. It vl be you and everyone would hv pointed you and i will not let that hpn
Rag was abt to go
San: i hv to tell you… Wat vl be the scene?
Rag: wat scene?
San:wn you told the you vl shout
Rag: i don’t want to listen
She goes to the door
San drags her and held her tightly from her waist
San: let me complete Ms. Ragini Gadodia… So now coming to the torpic i want to know from you that you wanted to make your sister bad infront of your ex fiance’s eyes… You wanted to make your sister bad image infront your so called love…. You want to ruin the respect of sister who believes you so much… you want to cheat your sister for your so called obsession on laksh
Rag pushes him hard
Rag: basss!!
Sanskar was shocked by the sudden push
Rag:mujhe aapse nai jaan na ki swara kitni mahan hai aur main kitni buri.. You just wanted this ryte..yes i hv mixed the drug…i wanted to make her image bad infront of i didnt cheat
San: bt you were going to cheat…
Rag: i didn’t… Bt swara did…! Swara cheated me by loving my fiance.. My love my laksh
San felt hurt listening my love my laksh
Rag: you said i wanted to ruin the respect of the sister who believes me… She believes me bcs she had no other choice… She knew that she has snatched my love bt in return she has to do something… So acts to believing in me.. Before you ask how i went to the conclusion.. Afterall i m her step sister… She smirks through blood shot eyes
San: bt you made her agree…
Rag: bcs i wanted to win laksh’s trust.. and she didn’t agreed bcs of me..if i didn’t asked her too.. She would hv made something… And result will be this day
San: i think i m meeting the different Ragini…
Rag: yes.. The Situation made me different….i didn’t got anything which i wished to… Bt not anymore…i want laksh by hook or by crook
San smiles: you are obsessed with him your face clearly tells that!
Rag: watever… This time i m not gonna lose
San smiles forwards his hand: all the best!

Rag looks at him confused
He takes her hand makes a shakehand by himself
Rag drags her hand back..
San: i wanted this only
Rag: wat?
San: jab hamare bacche honge hum kya kahani sunayenge…(wn our kids will be there.. Wat story vl tell them)
Rag: excuse me
San: actually… Wn our kids vl grow they should know how their mom dad fell in love and married and hvng a bright life…journey of Ragini Gadodia to Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari
Rag looks at him shocked
San: sounds go…no sounds we are perfect for eachother…so coming to the point..if we directly meet and fall in love and get married will not be interesting our kids will definitely get bored.. so there should be something interesting..

Rag: waattt??

San:oh ho Mrs.Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari… Still you didn’t get that… I LOVE YOU…AND THE STORY IS OUR FUTURE! AND I WANT YOU BY MY LOVE..

san:oops..forget to say…the chapter you began… Wn you will shout everyone will gather here… And wn everyone will reach her you Vl open the door and vl say that i was harassing you…and you know wat i vl say..i vl say yes.. Ragini is ryte…bcs i love her.. I didn’t try to harass her bt tried to tell my feelings… Ragini had misunderstood it.. Then wat everyone will do.. They will be very happy Infact because.. They wanted you to be the daughter-in-law law of this house etc etc.. then everything will be in my favour

Rag was shocked she couldn’t believe wat is hpng here

San: still there is a time.. If you say.. Sanskar marry me now..i vl be ready… No issues.. If no then let’s wait for the climax.. Wat say?

San: hmm…jaan…
He held her hand and kissed gently

To be continued..


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