phela nazar mein hogaya pyaar epi 9


hi peeps i am back early than expected and i wish to give a long epi cuz i after this i won’t post probably after new year’s so hope this epi will be a mood changer.
precap: kunj realizes his love for twinkle but shocked to know twinkle is leaving Amritsar.

Uv: what the hell!! twinkle is leaving, listen kunj i think you should talk to her. confess your feelings for her.
Kunj : what should i do, should i say, oh twinkle i love you, forget about leaving whatever the reason may be and stay with me.should i say that huh
Uv; maybe give a try

kunj; idiot she would definitely leave. I have to find out why she is leaving
everyone went home
twinkle ‘s home
mahi; i think we should tell kunj why you are going after all he is your friend
twinkle ; i know he is my friend but this my personal issue and moreover it is my life why should he be concerned
mahi; anyways when is samosa coming
twinkle ; dn’t you dare you call him samosa mahi only i can call him that
mahi; oye hoye possessive by the way for your kind information is my bro every year i tie rakhi on him stating proudly

twinkle; haan haan only for gifts mockingly
mahi i will miss you when you go expressing her sadness
twinkle; don’t worry i will be here for 2 more days it is not like that i am going today
mahi; wow i am going to bed
twinkle monologue; haan i i want to tell kunj but would he even be interested he is just my friend why should i feel bad thinking that he does not care for me i don’t even feel like leaving exams are over only party is left after that i will leave and fulfil my promise
next day
kunj: hi twinkle

twinkle: hi kunj
kunj; um twinkle i was just curious to know that why are you leaving
twinkle; to fulfil a promise
kunj; what promise
twinkle; nothing big

kunj; but you can tell me
twinkle; kunj pls i don’t want to talk about it it is my personal reason
kunj ( a little sad); ok twinkle
twinkle; sorry if i hurt you kunj anyways bye see you at the party
kunj; bye
Alisha; wow, slowly twinkle is drifting away from kunj don’t worry i will make your valentine’s party memorable

precap: valentine’s party , kunj to propose to twinkle and a big shock

hi peeps keep guessing who is samosa what promise they are talking about
# i love suspense
see ya soon


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