Shadi Express (Chapter 1) by despacito


Hi friends this is the first part of my story. Thanx for your responce. Lets start the story.
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A house is showing fully decorated. All people are busy. In a room two beautiful girls are getting ready in bridal attire.
Girl 1- kamini you are looking damn beautiful.
Girl 2- naina atleast today tell me di.
Naina- swara darling i never tell you di.
Swara- where should i bang my head?!!
Nai- our house has to many walls.
Suddenly a lady of mid forty enter the room.
Lady- you two stop fighting get ready fast grooms are already came.
Na- sharmistha ji your princess cant get ready in hurry.
Sh- stop your drama naina you both come fast.
Swaina- ok matashri.
Swara get ready in a beautiful red lehenga and naina get ready in a blue lehenga.
They come down togather. All people’s eyes fall on them. Two handsome man are observing them eagerly. One man is in blue sherwani, other in golden & red.

Man 1- year karan they are looking stunning.
Karan- yeah you are right sanskar the are looking breathtaking.
San- hmm how much time they take to come here!!
Kar- i am dying year.
Then they come & sit beside of their groom. They exchange smile. Then pandit start the ritulas. After satphera the marrige complete. Then they took bless from elders.
Then bidai time come swaina & sharmi started crying. A lady of late fifty consoling them.
Lady- shomi, shona cheeku please calmdown.
Swaina- i will miss you masi.
Sharda- you have to strong beta.
Then the girls go to their sasural with their groom.

Sanskar’s house
A late fifty woman is taking arti of swasan. A man of midforty is standing beside him.
Man- sujata how much time you take let them come in.
Suji- you shutup ramji my daughter came in my house i have to save her from all “kalajadu”.
Ram- who will do kalajadu on her?
Suji- you dont know any anybody panditji tell me this.
Ram- you & your panditji. Ok do fast now.
Suji- it is complete now come in beta.
Sw- ji mom.
Swasan get in to the house. After postmarital rituals some lady took swara to sanskar’s room. She get in and sit on bed and started thinking about her marrige journey with a cute smile in her face.

Karan’s house
A lady of mid twenties tooking arti of nairan. A man of late twenties standing beside her.
Man- meghna took my sisi’s arti very well.
Me- dont disturb me kunal & naina is also my sister.
Ku- ok baba do it now.
Meg- its complete come in naina. Karan why are you standing?
Kar- bhabi you dont call me inside.
Meg- ok baba come in devarji.
Then nairan come in. After postmarital rituals meghna took naina at nairan’s room. Naina started to think about her first meet to marrige. She lost in her thoughts.

Swasan side
Sanskar come inside the room & see swara is smiling & lost in her thoughts.
San- mrs maheswari why are smiling this much?
Sw- sanskar i just remembering our moments.
Sanskar hold her hand & said these are realy expencive for us.
Sw- do you remember our first meet?
San- not only first meet i remember all meets.
Then he kissed her forehead.
Nairan side
Naina is standing near the window suddenly a strong grip she felt she turn back and see karan.
Kar- where is my biwi lost?
Nai- i was thought about our journy. Karan do you remember all things?
Kar- oviusly naina how can i forget!!
Nai- they are really precious.
Will be continue…

Precap- flashback

Bye everyone
Take care
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