Twinj Story of Love – OS (Last Part)


Thank you all for the overwhelming response on my story! That just gave me more motivation for writing better stories in the near future. For now this is the sixth and last part of my first Fan-fiction Story. Enjoy!

Y- “I love you Twinkle.. Will you marry me?”
Twinkle was shocked and kunj was boiling in anger.. After registering yuvi’s words, twinkle spoke..
T- “Wh..what are saying yuvi.. We are just friends na?”
Before yuvraj could reply back kunj came in between them as he couldn’t hold back anymore and said:
K- (angry tone) “she just considers you as a friend nothing else so please stop this nonsense and leave!”
Y- “Am I proposing your girlfriend here? No right? Then who the hell are you to intervene haan? Im talking to twinkle not you! You are just her friend not her boyfriend so stay out of this!
K- “yes you are right! Im not her boyfriend. The girl you are proposing to is my WIFE! Do you get that?” He said in a go without realizing anything because at that moment he was feeling like someone was tearing his world apart.
T- “Kunj!”
Y- “You are joking right? She isn’t married!”
K- “oh yes she is! Lemme show you!” Saying this he showed him twinkle’s mangalsutra and vermillion.. Yuvraj was shocked.. He was just blabbering “no this could not be! Twinkle is only mine!”
K- “we got married 3 months ago! And you can not propose my wife infront of me! Get lost now!”
T- (somewhere happy with the fact that kunj considers her his wife but tensed because yuvi could tell this to their parents) “Kunnjj!! Stop it!”
Kunj came back to his senses and realised what he did..
T- “are you out of your mind kunj? He could tell this to our parents!”
Y- “what do you mean? No one knows about your marriage?”
K- (hitting his hand on his forhead) “siyappa!”
Yuvi thought something for a while then left while smirking at them..
K- “Siyppa queen! What was the need to do a siyappa here yaar??”
T- “Don’t call me that! Sadu sarna! Its all your fault! What was the need to tell him the truth??”
K- “he was proposing you infront of me! Main kese chup chap tamasha dekh sakta tha!”
T- “why not?? Who am I to you?? Just a friend na?”
K- “you are my wife!”
T- “You didn’t believe in this relation!”
K- “I do now!”
T- “why? What happened suddenly? And..”
Before she could speak further kunj kept his hand on her mouth and said
K- “Chup kar syappa queen kitna bolegi?” He took a deep breath and said “I LOVE YOU!”
Twinkle was shocked but deep down somewhere she was happy too for an unknown reason. Kunj removed his hand and after few seconds of silence kunj said:
K- “come i’ll drop you”
Twinkle without uttering a single word went with him.. The journey was silent and after reaching twinkle left for home without giving any reaction.
Kunj parked the car and went inside his house.. His mother (usha) was waiting for him in the hall with some photographs..
U- “Kunj? I was waiting for you!”
K- “maa not again please!”
U- “but beta..”
K- “maa i dont wanna get married please!” Saying this he left for his room, closing the door.. He sat on the bed thinking of everything that had happened in his life.

On the other hand.. Twinkle was going upstairs when her mother (leela) stopped her and was about to say some thing when twinkle interupted her saying:
T- “maa i dont want to get married now!”
L- “but twinkle puttar kabhi na kabhi to shadi karni hai na? To phr abhi kyn nai??”
T- “maa….” As she was about to speak.. Someone’s voice interupted her..
” She is right leela aunty.. She cannot get married because she is already married to me”
Leela was shocked and twinkle was double shocked seeing the person.
” Am i right twinkle?” the person spoke.
Leela- “Twinkle? Whats all this? You got married to him? Without even informing me? How could you do this to me??”
T- “maa i know i got married due to some problem but maa this yuvi is lying! He is not my husband!”
Yes the person was yuvraj luthra!
Y- “Twinkle why are you saying this? I know we had a fight this morning but that doesnt mean you will not accept me..”
T- “Maa he is lying.. Please believe me”
Y- “I can show you the proof aunty..”
L- “what proof?”
Yuvi moved towards them and showed twinkles mangalsutra and vermillion.. Leela got shocked and slapped twinkle.. By now both twinkle and leela had tears in their eyes..
L- “Shame on you.. I didnt expected this from you twinkle.. Yuvi apni biwi ko leke jao yahan se.. I dont want to see her face again..”
T- “Im not his wife maa please beleive me!”
L- “believe? That too on you? I’ll never repeat this mistake again!”
T- “Maa atleast give me a chance to tell you the truth.. Please?”
L- “okay.. Only one chance..”
T- “thank you maa..” She glared at yuvi with anger.
Twinkle narrated everything to leela.
T- “Maa we didnt do that delibrately.. Please believe me..”
L- “If you are saying the truth then i want to meet that guy!”
T- “But maa how can i make you meet him we decided…”
L- “i dont know anything! I just want to meet that or you can leave with yuvraj..”
Y- “leela aunty.. Iska husband main hun.. Koi aur hota to ab tak mila chuki hoti ye..”
T- “shut up yuvi! Ok maa ill take you to meet him.. Come with me..”

Outside the sarna mansion.. Twinkle asked them to stop and said that she will call kunj out then you can talk.. But leela without paying any heed to her words went inside and saw two ladies (usha and bebe.. Kunj’s grandmother) and one man (manohar- his father) in the lounge.. By that time twinkle too went inside.. Usha asked leela:
U-“ what are you doing here?”
L- “just came to meet your son.. Call him..”
Usha called kunj.. Kunj came down and was shocked seeing them..
He saw twinkle crying.. He worriedly asked twinkle ”What happened?” Twinkle without saying anything just hugged him, kunj.. In order to console her hugged her back.. Everyone was shocked seeing them like that.. Twinkle then started telling him everything..
T- “Kunj.. Yuvi came to maa and told her me and him got married by our wish.. Please tell them its a lie or else maa will send me with him.. I dont want to go with him kunj I love you.. Please tell them the truth”

Kunj was hell happy by her sudden confession but he was worried too for the current situation and decided to tell the truth.
Usha- “kunj? Whats this?”
Man- “kunj she is someone else’s wife then why she is hugging you like that?”
Bebe- “do you both love each other?”
Leela- “yes kunj tell them?”
Kunj didnt know from where to start.. He was about to speak when yuvraj spoke..
Y- “Twinkle? You are my wife not his! Leave him and come to me”
Twinkle hugged kunj more tightly in fear..
Y- “come lets go home twinkle..” Saying this yuvi forwarded his hand to grab twinkle’s but before he could even touch her kunj grabbed his hand and pushed him back saying
K- “Dont you dare touch my wife yuvi or else I’ll forget you are our friend..”
Kunj decided to calm twinkle first.. Kunj rubbed twinkles back for a while.. When she was a bit calm kunj broke the hug and cupped her face and assured her that he is with her and then entwining their hands he said:
K- “She is my wife and not of anyone else” (he said angrily staring at yuvi who was smiling) kunj then narrated everything that happened..
Everyone:” what?”
Usha- “no! I’ll not accept her as my daughter in law!”
M- “She cannot come to this house!”
B- “I’ll never love her like i love you!”
L- “And i’ll never accept you as my son in law!”
Twinkle was at the verge of crying now but kunj held her hand tightly..
K- “But…”
M-“we haven’t completed yet”
Twinj bowed their heads down.
All together- “Until… You both dont get married again infront of us!”
Twinj- “what? Means you are not angry at us?”
All- “No we were just pulling your legs.. “
Bebe came forward and said after twisting kunjs ear- “Khote! You didnt even tell me?Your bebe? Huhh! I’ll not talk to you!”
Kunj- “ouch ouch sorry bebe”
Bebe smiled and hugged twinj and blessed them.
Twinj well hell happy as well as confused too.. Yuvi looking at their confused faces came forward and said:
Y- “Dont be confused yaar.. It was our plan only!”
Twinj-“ what?”
Y-“Let’s tell them everything now.. Ok chinki?”
Twinj: “chinki?”
Just then chinki entered the sarna mansion and then said “ yes me!” While smiling.
C- “I heard your conversation that day in the college and asked bhai to help me.. Making kunj jealous was a part of our plan too.. We had already told your families about you and they too agreed to help!
This was just a drama to make you both confess.. Hahaha twinki your face got red like a tomato while crying”
T- “chinkiii! I won’t let you get away with this! But does it mean you all are happy with this relation?”
All- “yes”
Twinj were very happy and in exitement both hugged each other.
Everyone- “Ahem ahem”
Twinj came back to their senses and looked here And there embarrassed.. Everyone laughed at them 😀
Yuvi- “one more thing.. Chinki?”
C- “yeah one minute..” She took something out of her purse and handed it to yuvi.. Yuvi gave it to twinj and said
Y-“this is my wedding invitation.. Im getting married to Mahi khanna.. My college friend.. And all of you have to come there”
All- “sure we are happy for you yuvi”
Yuvi got married to mahi within two weeks and a month after that twinj got married again with all the rituals.. And lived happily ever after <3


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