Let’s begin…

Pinky:chutki darling
Rag was in utter shock…
Pinky hugs ragini tightly… Which made Ragini cough…
Voice:whom you are hugging??
Rag sees:eh? Hey she’s comes out of the socket seeing the woman… 😵😵😵
She was same woman who gave them lift on the same night when they met Pinky
Pinky:mummy… Meet chutki!
Rag murmurs shocked :mummy! 😨😨😨😨😱😱😵😵😵

Wom:arey… I know her…
Pinky:when mummy?
Wom:wn we got bored and left the wedding for a long drive we gave lift to her and her husband!
Wom:ha… Their car had broke.. So we gave lift.. Her husband was very cute person
Rag herself:cute?? Horrible!! This cute person has made my life a comedy movie.. Everyone will definitely laugh if they got to know my story😭😭😭😟😟
Pinky:mummy… She isn’t married! She is engaged! He was her fiance
Wom:pinky.. She is married…
Pinky:mummy same day i met her.. How can they marry this soon… Break up ka bhi wait nai kiya sansku baby ne😖😖😖

Kavi who was looking at them like a pendulum
Kavi:Ragini..marriage…husband… Engagement.. Breakup.. Chutki… Wat is this? I m confused
Rag:1 min… I vl come back now….
She runs like a maniac..

Vineet calls ragini

Rag goes
Vineet:kya hua
Rag:marriage…husband… Engagement.. Breakup.. Chutki.. Pinky… Lift wali aunty mummy
Vingun looks at her confused:watt??
Rag:nthng! I vl come in 1 min

Here sanskar couldn’t find ragini
San:wr is this girl
Someone pats his back… He turns and sees ragini looking down and biting her nails
She was again going to pat
San held her hand and gives her a weird look
San:do i look like door to you that you knoch me
Rag looks at him and now in yes
Rag nods in no

Rag cries:hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
San giving weird look:wat???
Rag:marriage…husband… Engagement.. Breakup.. Chutki.. Pinky… Lift wali aunty… mummy…
San:wat? Would you mind to explain
Rag:this is bcs of you… You are worse than a ambrish puri…such a……
San interrupt :MS. MATHUR mind your language..

Rag gulps:lift wali aunty jo thi na! Woh pinky aunty ki aunty nai nai mummy nikli…😭😭😭
San:aunty ho mummy ho hame kya!!
Rag:they r here…!
San shocked:watt?
Rag:and you know wat?

Rag:they are our new clients 😭😭😭
San shocked:waaaaattttt??

Voice:sansku darling….
San widens his eyes
San turns

Ragsan faces pinky and her parents now both were there
Wom:arey tell her that u r her husband..
Pinky:sansku baby.. Tell my mom that you r just engaged… And i may hv chance
San looks at rag

To be continued…


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