Swaragini-U were my new dream (Raglak & Ragsan) Episode 33


What happened guys is the plot not good?…i didnt get any comments in my last update ..well here is the nxt updates keep reading keep loving
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Recap: Ragana death

Ragini: she left us..and now its time for us to move on forgetting whatever happened..
Ragini looks at Sanskar
Ragini: Sanskar..its never late
Sanskar: if not her then its nobody and i dont want anyone to force me with this..she is still alive for me..and thts enough for me.
Sanskar goes inside.
Sanskar goes to Ragsan’s room
Sanskar takes a photo of him and Ragana.
Sanskar cares it
Sanskar: no Ragana i dont care how much bad u r for the family but i’ll still keep on loving u..forever and ever

Time runs faster than anything else..seconds pass into minute ..minutes pass into hurs..hours to day and day to months,…and months to years….
Its said tht time heals everything….but there r some wounds which time can heal….

5 Years later ….

Ragini is wearing saree..she is looking as beautiful as she was before 5 yrs..
Ragini and Pari are doing aarthi..
They give prasand to DP RP AP and Sujatha.
Pari gives Prasad to Adarsh
Ragini: where is Dhruv?
Dhruv: coming chachi.
(New Dhruv played by Gautam Ahuja)
Pari: har roz late.
Laksh come on bhabhi..its ok to b late
AP: look who is saying this.
All laughs.
Ragini: Laksh..tum bhi aaj late ho
Sujatha: now dont scold him..
Ragini gives Prasad to him
Pari: where is Sanskar..
Laksh: he is upstairs our pyaari beti is busy playing with him
All smiles.
Dhruv: i’ll go and call them

In Sanskar’s room
Sanskar is playing with a girl of 4 yrs
Sanskar: Piyu..
The girl is reveal as Piya Laksh Maheshwari she is Laksh and Ragini’s daughter. But her Sanskar chachu is her favourite..
Piyu is played by Shivika
Sanskar: piyu see chachu has bought so many dresses for u which one will u try first.
Piyu hugs him
Sanskar: awe mera bacha chachu love u so much.
Piyu: Piyu loves u soo much.
Piyu kisses on Sanskar’s cheeks.
Dhruv: Sanskar chach everyone is calling u
Sanskar: coming champ..today school nahi hain.
Dhruv shows a sad face.
Dhruv: chach..
Sanskar; acha ok..lets go Piyu.
Sanskar takes Piyu and Dhruv.
Sujatha: come Sanskar ..sit here..jiji wants to say smthing to u..
AP: Me?? Oh no no Sujatha Dp ji wants to say smthing hain na
DP: NO RP u say.
Dhruv: the same old story
RP: Laksh u say
Laksh: Adarsh bhaiy will say na
Adarsh: sry guys i am not in this scene
Laksh: acha then Pari bhabhi
Pari: oh my phone is ringing
Laksh looks at Ragini.
Ragini: woh i am going to kitchen…
She goes..
Piyu hits her head.
Sanskar looks on
Piyu: what is her name
All looks on.
Adarsh:Piyu is becoming smart
Laksh: woh toh honga aakhir meri beti hain
Ragini: did u say smthing.
Laksh: i mean Ragini is smart toh Piyu will b smart na..
Sanskar: if its another girl then sry i dont have time to waste.
Sujatha: but beta atleast see her picture.
Sanskar: maa i have already told u..i dont want any other girl in my life and thts final.
AP: But beta
Sanskar: badi maa pls…Dhruv come i’ll drop at school
Piyu: chachu chachu i am coming…too
Sanskar: ok then..lets go
They 3 leaves.Adarsh: why do u all even try
DP: Adarsh beta..we have to get him married..na
Pari: Ragini
Ragini: haan bhabhi..
Pari: why dont u talk to Sanskar abt this.
Ragini: i have talked to him but he is so stubborn in his decision
Pari: i am happy tht he is happy now.
Ragini: yh his life revolves around Dhruv and Piyu now.
Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini: coming ..
Ragini goes to Raglak’s room
Ragini: kya hua.
Laksh: tumhare lie phone hain.
Ragini: hlo..haan papa no woh battery khatam ho gaya na ..acha yh Piyu is also good..yh she went out with Sanskar and Dhruv..
Laksh is standing there and looking at Ragini.
Ragini: kya hua.
Laksh: kuch nahi
Ragini: then
Laksh: when
Ragini: LAKSH
Laksh: Ragini.
Ragini: office
Laksh: no
Laksh: just like tht
Ragini: just like tht huh.
Laksh: kya irada hain madam..
Ragini: very simple.
She moves more closer to him and shouts near his ear
Ragini: LAKSH!!!!!!!!!
Laksh holds his ear
Laksh: aah Ragini ki bachi..why r u shouting
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: now be a good boy and go to office.
Laksh: i’ll see u after i am back.
Ragini: will see u Mr husband
Laksh: my gift pls.
Ragini kisses on his cheek.
Ragini: i love u laksh..
Laksh: i love u too Ragini..
Laksh kisses on her forehead.

Precap: Sanskar’s POV


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