Spellbounded Chapter 12: Failed mission!


Chapter 12: Failed Mission!

Heya Twistinians wish you an happy reading and I hope you all will like it. This chapter is dedicated to Richie_19 as it’s her birthday.

Sam took the flight back to Switzerland where the squad was waiting for her as her life was in danger she tried to do everything she could to save her own ass. After a few hours she reached her deatination and got to know something from which ahe had to tell the squad as it was something shocking for her. After a few hours on the train she reached home where the others were waiting for her.

The scene of the squad: “Hi Sam what’s wrong?” Nidhi asked her and she answered back: “Nidz our damm mission has failed!” “Why what happened?” Fairy asked. “Because someone already has killed Swara, framed it on Laksh bhaiya and I know who it was!” “Who?” “Her boyfriend and her twin sister, who wants Sanskar bhai to be hers and she is going to try to kill Ragini bhabhi!” “Nothing will happen to her if we kill them first!” Navya said while some of them agreed and some didn’t. “Killing them isn’t a great idea at all because they will win and we will loose as they want us to kill them!” Shri said.

“You have a point there, what if they are faking Swara’s death?” Bela asked and some of them agreed as they knew what Swara can do. “Or they want Laskh bhai out of the way and that’s why they framed him!” Riya said. “We don’t know but we have to go to India asap so that we can save Laksh!” Sanskar said and the others said: “Sanky bhai and Ragini bhabhi you both will stay here and have some fun!” Armaan said while he winked at them while the rest looked at him like seriously. “Sorry I was just joking!” “There’s no time to joke right now as our lives are at stake.” Amaal said. “I’m going to book the tickets!” Jayanti said, while Richa sadly looked down as on her birthday they had failed with their mission, so the girls went to her and told her not to worry and that everything will be alright.

After an hour they bought some food and celebrated Richa’s birrthday while boyfriend Rahul proposed her for marriage and she agreed to marry him after they have solved Swara’s mysterious murder case. After talking for a while everyone went to sleep as they have a lot to do the next day.

Soon the next day came and all of them got ready to go to India as a team.

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