Love life of samina (Episode 4)


So guys I am back thanks for your love and support so here my story continues

It was a Sunday and every one is watching cricket match and one maid came and said Sir agarwals
Were arrived and everyone welcomed them and Naina hugged her father, then arjun, then shefali comes there with the baby and everyone became happy receiving them and everyone sat for lunch after freshing up Naina and preeti were serving everybody Coz of swathi and shefali baby matter.
Munna:how was your uncle, arjun Bhaiya.?
They both said that it was awesome

And everybody went back to their rooms and Naina’s father went to meet his old friend in goa so he will be not available for couple of days and samina are alone in hall talking to each other.
Sameer hugged Naina and Naina recprocate it and suddenly realised their position Coz they both talking openly in the house after a long time.
After sometime Naina went to swathi room and find swathi is lying on the floor Coz of labour pain and munna is in bathroom and she called out everybody and they took them to the hospital.
Munna:it’s all cause of me. Crying

Preedit:Bhaiya it’s not your fault and even though Naina came in time name.
Munna:thank you Naina.
Naina : Bhaiya she is my sister like and you are like arjun Bhaiya to me so it is a small help.
Doctor: Mr maheswari everything is fine. She had given birth to a baby girl.
Hearing this everyone became extremely happy. Munna was in a emotional situation and everyone consoled him and he went inside.

Munna sees his wife holding their baby and seeing him tears rolled down from their eyes and munna went to her and hugged the baby and mother.
Munna: she is our Baby.our symbol of love and she is our pride. See swathi how small is her fingers and see see how cutely she yarns.
Swathi :it’s all because of you.
Munna kissed her eyes and her forehead and her cheeks and say we are now a complete family.
Swathi:where are others.
We are here and everyone came in and saw both the mother and baby and everyone became more happy to see this. And they all took a family selfie.

Welcoming the baby. Engagement. Wedding. Good news.


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