Swasan FF – A love story (Spoiler)


Hey peeps I’m back……Yeah I know u guys r shocked ‘cause I am continuing after like 5 months so ya I am and I’ll make it a point to finish this ff before my winter break ends. Actually I would hv started earlier but my posts got denied so had to retype…..Anyways I really hope u all are still interested in my story so here’s a link for the previous episode where u’ll Find links for the previous one and on http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-ff-love-story-epi-11/


Swara:Hey,what the hell is wrong with you…I’m saying na that contemporary is the best option then why are u getting into a fight??
Sanskar:Excuse me….Since the past 30 minutes even I’ve been trying to explain you that we should do something new like hip hop or something
Swara:You know what,I’ve been here for 2 years now and it’s u who’s new so…..
Sanskar:Are u trying to say that I’m new so I don’t understand what’s to be done….Wow!!Fine then let’s decide this by a dance off….Whosoever gets more votes will decide what to do
Swara:That’s fair….but who’ll vote
Sanskar:We’ll post this video on you tube and the viewers can decide what’s better
Swara:K fine…Done

So this was it guys stay tuned tomorrow 7pm for episode 12

Love ya guys!!!!!


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