Swaragini-U were my new dream (Raglak & Ragsan) Episode 34


Hi everyone still i am getting less comments but ths ok..thank u for reading my work everyone
Ok as u all knw i am also writing
Swaragini will u cross the skies for meand a collaboration ff with Jayu didu Jab Sanskar met Ragini
Also i am planning to write 2 more ffs
One will b a Ragsan ff and another one will a Raglak ff
Do check the promo of my new Rglak ff Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koyi season 2
Also my other ongoing will u cross the skies for me

I’ll give promo of my new Ragsan ff Incomplete love today
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Recap: 5 yrs leap
Sanskar is driving
Sanskar’s POV
Its been 5 yrs ..Ragana 5 yrs..its a long tym avery long time ..u knw how much i am missing u each and everyday. Ragana if u r listening to me then pls pls ..come back i cant live without u..u knw na how much i struggled in these 5 yrs..but now i cant ..i am giving up Ragana . u knw i haven’t had a happy moment in my life in these 5 yrs..with u u took my happiness and life Ragana i need u…
I pretent to everyone tht i dont care but..deep inside i do care Ragana..and u knw wat each day they brings me a new photo of a new girl i am tired of it ..how will i tell them tht i am urs..even though u dont want to b mine
I still love u Ragana..i dont knw why but my heart is not beleieving tht u r not in this world..i cant still hear u breathing…but where r u Ragana..pls come back i am missing u very much
U knw na how difficult it is for me without u..still i am trying but i cant Ragana i am giving up
Voice: chach school aa gaya.
Sanskar comes out of his thoughts
He drops Dhruv to school..and sees Piyu is sleeping
He again starts driving

Sanskar POV
I am giving up Ragana
Suddenly he feels smone’s hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar: Ragana.
Ragana: sh..hhh Sanskar pls dont give up..i dont want to see u like this.
Sanskar: Ragana y did u leave me alone dont u even knw how much i love u?
Ragana: I know Sanskar but keep ur trust on me …
Sanskar: i love u Ragana
Sanskar realises he was daydreaming.
Sanskar: i really love u Ragana

A girl is shown..
She is having hiccups
She drinks water…
Girl: why am i feeling smone is thinking abt me….

Precap: Ragini birthday celebration
Sry for no Raglak scenes


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