Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-5


Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-4 (Caring Sanskar)

Ragini wakes up nd nd sees sanskar getting readdy for office ,she moves to him nd back hugs him being sleepy…
Sanskar:good mng
Ragini(yawning):good mng
Sanskar:how are u now..
Ragini:perfectly fine..(hugs him tightly leaning her head on his back)
Sanskar:still sleepy
Sanskar:then go nd sleep na…
Ragini:i have to go office na..
Sanskar(makes her turn nd caressed her face):take leave nothing will happened..
Ragini:no..its ok…i will go..
Sanskar(smiles nd pecks her forehead):ok..go nd get ready..i hav already made need to leave now..
Ragini:u made bf ??
Sanskar:haan..ur fav
Ragini(pecks his lips):thanks
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:ok..ok..thanks cancel
Sanskar smiles..he kissef her cheek nd leaves to office….
@rag office
As soon as ragini entered into office ,sravan who is waiting for her ,came towards her…
Sravan:hii r u now
Ragini:fine sir(she said smiling)
Sravan nodded..
Ragini:btw sir..u no need to tense about me(she said coldly)
Sravan feels bad but he gives a faint smile nd leaves to his cabin…
After sometime pune came nd gives one box to ragini…she opens ,it is new mbl(remember sanskar brk her mbl)..
As soon as she took it frm box ,it rings..she lifts d call..
Sanskar:how is ur new mbl
Sanskar:vo..ragini i changed ur sim also
Ragini:kyun missed somewhere..
Ragini:oh..pchh..i lost all my friends contacts..
Sanskar:im there for u na..then no need of anyone..anyone..(he stressed)
Ragini feels possessiveness in his voice..
Sanskar:ntw..did u ate was bf
Ragini:it was awesome..what u mixed in that..i have never ate that mich tasty bf..
Sanskar:i mixed my love
Sanskar smiles..
Ria came nd signed to ragini ,boss is calling.. boss is calling i will talk to u later..
Hearing boss ,sanskar clenched his fist..
Before he could speak ,ragini cuts d call which hurts sanskar…
Ragini goes to sravan cabin..nd they discussed about some project.
Here sanskar is impatient as he continuously trying call to ragini but she is not lifting…
Sanskar comes ro kitchen where she cooking..
Sanskar:can i help u..
Ragini nodded smiling..
Both r preparing dinner…
Sanskar:vo..vo..i want to spend more nd more time with u..
Ragini looks at him puzzled..
Sanskar:vo..y cant u join in my office..then we will get more time to spend with eo..
Ragini jst looks at him not understanding his intension..
Sanskar:will u join in my office
Ragini:no sanskar
Ragini:sanskar u knw i want to be independent..i got that job with my knowledge nd gives a satisfaction that i can stand my own legs…if i would join ur office.i knw u give me job bcz u loves me..but i will not happy with that..i want to prove myself..
Ragini:sanskar plzzz…jst 6hours office.the remaining time of mine is urs..plz try to understand..
Sanskar nodded plastering a fake smile..
Ragini( hugs him):sorry..
Sanskar jst gives a nod..
Sanskar comes out frm washroom nd sees ragini is working on laptop..
Sanskar:dont u get sleep
Ragini:hmm..but..tomorrow 10’O clock i hav meeting ,so there is small work..u sleep..
Sanskar nodded nd lied on bed,he thinks how to make ragini resign her job..ragini looks at sanskar who lost in thoughts…30min passed..she closed d laptop nd noticed sanskar seems disturbed…she says to herself i knw something is bothering u sanskar but i will make u all forget in my love..i love u so much…saying she comes over sanskar..sanskar comes out of his thouths feeling ragini on him..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar smies..
Ragini leaned to his face nd rubs her nose with his’s..automatically sanakar hands surrounded her waist feeling her touch…she kissed his forehead ,eyes ,cheeks nd nose pouring all her love..sanskar tightened hos grip on her waist..she unbuttoned his shirt nd nizzles his neck with her lips making him mad,sanskar pressed her waist hard not controlling himself…ragini moans..sanskar rolles he comes top on her..

Sanskar looks at her lips nd kissed..both r kissing pulling themselves close nd close…after a while they brk d kiss,he takes off her top nd throws it away..ragini closed her eyes feeling his lips on her belly…his lips travelled her belly upwards her neck ,ragini pulls him close as much as she can..nd they makes love…
Ragsan started their morning romance under blanket…ragini pulls blanket over their faces..
Sanskar:tired baby
Ragini:we need to get up..we should go office na..
Sanskar(pulls blanket back over them):i want some more time..
Ragini:no sanskar..
Sanskar:plzzz..pretty plzz(he pouts)
Ragini nodded seeing his cute face..
After 1hour..ragini gets up nd looks at clock..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:omg..its 10:30am..
Ragini:i hav meeting at 10 na..its very important..i got late..oh shit..i dont knw what my boss will think..i always do like sure he will fire me oneday…saying she runs to washroom..
Sanskar smirks..a evil smile crept on his lips.


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