Swaragini-Will you cross the skies for me? By Aditi Ayansh (Episode 50) LAST EPISODE


Hi everyone so this is the last episode of this ff..and i have tried to make this a long update with Ragsan moments ..and i am sry if its not up to the mark…well i want to thank each and every reader for reading appreciating..pointing out my mistakes and for everything ..it was truely and incredible journey and i am gonna miss each and everyone of u…love u all..and Tahnk u all for ur everlasting trust and support
With Lot of love
Adi 🙂
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Recap: Sahil shoots Sanskar
Ragini: San..Sanskar..pls
Sanskar is not moving..
Ragini: Sanskar..no no pls.
Sanskar holds Ragini’s hands.
Ragini: Sanskar..
Sanskar: no matter what Ragini but i’ll never leave u..ever..
Ragini hugs him ti8
Ragini: i love u …
Ambulance reaches there and Aliya Samar Ragini and Cheeku takes Sanskar to hospital.
@City hospital
Ragini informs Chandra abt wat all happened.
Sanskar is Taken to Operation threatre
Cheeku comes to her
Cheeku: Mumma what is happening here…i want to go home
Ragini looks at her with teary eyes.
Ragini: Cheeku come sit here with me
Ragini makes Cheeku sit on her lap
Aliya and Samar looks on
Ragini: do u remember cheeku the story tht mumma always told u..the story of the lost princess
Cheeku: yh..i do..in which a lost princess is taken care by a woman and then tht women finds her parents and handover the princess back to the king and queen who love her a lot ri8 mumma
Ragini: yes bacha and do u knw smthing tht story is ur story
Cheeku: my story..what
Ragini: yes beta u r the lost princess
Cheeku: what i am the lost princess..
Ragini: yes beta and i am the woman who had been protecting u from all harms ..so tht one day i can return u safely to ur parents
Cheeku: tht means u are not my mumma.
Ragini: Cheeku beta
Cheeku: u were lying to me all this time
Ragini: no neta i was.
Chekku hugs her.
Cheeku: then where r my real parents ?
Ragini points towards Aliya and Samar.
Cheeku looks on.
Cheeku runs to them and hugs both of them
Aliya and Samr smiles.
Aliya looks at Ragini.
They sheds tears of happiness.
Aliya( thorugh her eyes): Thank u !
Ragini smiles.
Rathores Gadodias and Maheshwaris reach the hospital.
DR comes
Ragini goes to him.
Ragini: how is my husband DR he is alri8 na..
DR: He s nothing..to worry u can take him home in 2 days..take good cr of him
Ragini: can i see hijm?
DR: Yh u may.
Ragini goes inside.
Ragini sees Sanskar lying on the bed.
Ragini goes and sits near him
Ragini holds Sanskar’s hand
Sanskar slowly opens his eyes.
Sanskar: Ragini..
Tears come from Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini: why did u came infront of me Sanskar
Sanskar: i didnt want to lose u again Ragini.
Ragini hugs him
Ragini: i love u so much Sanskar..
Sanskar: i know Ragini..i love u too..but i am angry with u
Ragini: for what?
Sanskar: u could have told me everything..but u didnt.
Ragini: I am sry…
Sanskar: no tell me is there anything else u have hidden from me?
Ragini bends her head.
Sanskar: is there anything Ragini?
Ragini nodes her head in yes.
Sanskar: then tell me what is it.
Ragini: if i tell u this then u will again start hating me..
Sanskar: i promise Ragini i will not hate u ..the truth is i cant hate u at ll..now tell me
Ragini: Sanskar..woh I cant b a mother.
Sanskar looks on
Tears comes from Ragini’s eyes.
Sanskar: and…
Ragini looks on.
Sanskar: Ragini i love u and u make me complete thts enough for me ok
Ragini hugs him
Sanskar: and if u again have any plans to go away from me then seriously i am not going to let u go.
Ragini: i am not going too.
All comes in everyone is happy.
Samar: thank u so much Sanskar and Ragini becoz of u all my daughter is still alive.
Samar and Aliya hugs Ragini.
All family members talk nicely to Sanskariti.
After some days.
Sanskar has been discharged and brought back to MM
Samar comes
Samar: hi everyone..woh me and Aliya have decided tht we will move to delhi
Aliaya: yh
DP: If u both had made up ur mind then..its ok.
AP: but u both have to come and meet us ok…with our lil Cheeku.
All smiles..
Tht day evening
Samar Aliya and Sanskriti leaves.
Ragini hugs Sanskariti.
Ragini: i am gonna miss u Cheeku
Cheeku: i am gonn miss u took Mumma.
Ragini: i love u so much.
Cheeku: and i love u too..i’ll call u daily…
They leaves.
Sanskar hugs Ragini who is in tears.
Ragini: all these years na Sanskar i never let her go away from me
Sanskar: its ok Ragu..t happens now dont cry..pls.
Ragini hugs him back.
All r happy seeing Ragsan happy together.
After 3 years
MM is beautifully decorated with flowers..
And its written Happy birthday Diya….
All members are busy with the preparations.
DP and Adarsh are welcoming the guests..
After some tym.
RP: all guests are here where is Sanskar and Ragini.
Laksh: i’ll get them
Swara: no need they r coming.
Ragini and Sanskar comes.
Ragini is wearing a light green saree and Sanskar is wearing a light blue shirt and black jeans with a black blazor
They are coming with a girl of 5 years old
Sanskar picks her up.
Sanskar: see Diya ..see hw many people are here to wish Diya happy birthday.
Ragini kisses Diya’s cheeks
Dp: So pls meet my granddaughter Diya Sanskar Maheshwari.
Ragini and Sanskar smiles..
They makes Diya cut the birthday cake..
All sings Birthday song..
They all spend a good tym
@Ragsan’s room
Sanskar is carrying Diya in his shoulder.
Ragini: Sanskar: she has slept
Ragini makes the bed. And Sankar keeps her on the bed.
Ragini covers her with blanket.
Sanskar comes to Ragini
And hugs her from behind.
Ragini: Sanskar..
Sanskar : hmmm
Ragini: what r u doing..
Sanskar: nothing..just see how our diya is sleeping
Ragini: haan …
Sanskar goes to her and cares her hair.
Ragini: she must b very tired.
Sanskar smiles.
Ragini: bilkul tum pe gayi hain humari Princess..
Sanskar: yh woh toh hain..
FB Shows
Ragini and Sanskar adopting 2 yr Old Diya 3 yrs before
Fb ends
(Shivika plays Diya)
Ragini: now Sanskar u also sleep its too late.
Sanskar: papa ko gud night kiss nahi mila.
He pouts.
Ragini kisses his cheeks.
Ragini: good night Mr.Papa
Sanskar: good night Mrs. Mumma
They sleeps beside Diya..
The scenes blurs at the photo farame kept at the table..of Ragini Sanskar and lil Diya
And they lived happily ever after

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