Swara You are Perfect (Chapter 3) by despacito


Hi friends this is the third part of my story. Thank you so much for your comments guys. I am feeling very happy to see your responce. Ok lets jump in story.
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Swara & sankar’s family are siting in swara’s house. A pandit is checking some papers.
She- panditji what you think which time will be perfect?
Suji- pandit ji please fixed the marrige early.
Pan- ji i find a date after one month another is after 1 year.
Shar- i think first date will be perfect.
Suji- you are right i also think so.
She- ok panditji first date is confirm.
Ram- but we have to talk with swara & sanskar.
SheShaSu- yeah we have to.
Pan- ok then you thought & tell me. Now i have to go namaste.
All- namaste.

In evening all family members along with swasan are sitting in drawingroom.
Ram- beta we thought a date for your marrige.
Sw- when dad?
Suji- after one month.
Swasan- what??!!!
Shar- woh beta panditji said that he find two dates. One after a month another after a year. So we thought after a month is better.
San- as you wish. I dont have any problem. Dont know about swara.
Sw- its ok i am ready.
Suji- thats great.
Shar- then i bring sweets.
She- today nobody stop me for eating sweets.
Shar- ok but only one.
Sw- i agree with mamma.
She- from when you go in your mamma’s team swara?
Sw- from when you are eating sweets.
She- swara thats not fare.
Shar- ok ok stop fighting now eat it.
All do muhmitha & sanskar’s family return to their house. SwSheShar done their dinner & go to their respective room.

Swara’s room
Swara’s pov
I am swara gadodia after one month i will be swara sanskar maheswari. I have to change my name. Why??? Why not sanskar change his title? Because he is a boy. Always a girl have to sacrifise. A girl have to always a perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect dil, perfect mother etc etc. My parents think i am a perfect daughter but i have also be to perfect dil, wife & mother. I also want to be perfect one. But why always girl has to sacrifise to perfect one? Ohh god how much struggle i have to do for being a perfect one. Leave it swara you have to sleep. By the way i am really very excited.
Swaras pov end

Next day morning
Swsheshar are having breakfast and chitchating
Shar- from tomorrow we have to start preparation of our princi’s marrige.
She- hmm firstly we have to list our guests’ name.
Shar- we have to buk hall, order sweets, buy dresses, fixed dacorater etc etc.
Sw- why are you this much worried mumma?
Shar- you cannot understand now when you will become mother of a girl then you understand.
Sw- (thinking) why only we have to worried for a girl, a boy doesnot give chance to worry his family.
She- swara where are you lost beta?
Sw- no where papa. Ok i am done you carry on.
Swara went to her room and take her bag and go for office.

This small part for today bye guys take care.
With love


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