My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-2


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Sanskar who had woken up early comes to terrace..he looks downwards nd finds ragini who is doing puja to Tulasi infront of her small house..He smiles seeing her..After doing puja she goes inside..sanskar makes a sad face..nd waits for her hope she will come again..
Rohan(who jst came):sanskar..u here..that too early mng..great
Sanskar(turns):new place na..i havnt had much sleep..
Rohan:ok..what r u doing on terrace..
Sanskar:enjoying beauty(reminds ragini)
Rohan(looks around):beauty????
Sanskar:vo..i mean..this place looks beatiful..
Rohan:ok lets go down
Rohan:kyun yaar
Sanskar:vo..i want stay here foe sometime.. going..
saying he walks..sanskar turns nd finds ragini who is coming out of her house nd entering into banglow..sanskar immediately runs downstairs,while dashing rohan who is on the way..
Rohan looked at him confused..
Rohan:kya hua yaar..u said u want to stay there..nd u r running now..
Sanskar:vo..kuch nay..u go ur room..
Rohan nodded blankly nd goes…

Sanskar blocked ragini way who is entering into dadi’s room..
ragini looks at him blankly..
Sanskar:hiii im sanskar
Ragini just looks at him nervously biting her nails..
Sanskar:may i knw ur good name plz..
Ragini jst looks here nd there ,shivering a bit..her hands got cold.. talking to u..
Dadi(calling frm her room):ragini
Ragini:ha dadisa..
Sanskar:so u the ragini..beautiful u..
Ragini:mu…mujhe ja..jaana hoga
Sanskar:wait..i want talk to u..
Ragini again gives him a blank look nd runs.sanskar rollee his eyes..
Ragini makes dadi eat medicine…dadi noticed sanskar who stood at door nd staring at ragini.. u need anything
Ragini tirns at him but immediately loks down nervously..
Sanskar(came to sense):vo..dadi.vo..i need coffee..
Dadi:ok..u go ur room..i will tell ramu..
Sanskar:vo dadi,i checked kitchen ramu kaka wasnt there..
Dadi:oh..ok..ragini go nd make coffee for sanskar..
Ragini:jii dadisaa..
Saying she walks infronf of sanskar..he about to go behind her..but stopped by dadi..
Dadi:sanskar come sit here beta
Sanskar:vo dadi i need to go..i will talk u later..
Dadi feels bad..sanskar noticed this ,he moves to her nd pecks her forehead i will come Dadi..
Dadi smiles.. Sanskar goes…
Sanskar about to enter into kitchen,swara called him..
Sanskar(annoyed):kya swara
Swara:where r u going
Sanskar:nowhere..baat kya hai
Swara drags sanskar to room.
Sanskar:kya yaar
Swara:missing u..
Swara:i mean..i habvnt seen u since last night..i came to ur room to tell goood night , but u r not there..nd i was searching for u ,wwhen i got woken up..
Sanskar:vo..swara..i was on terrace..
Before swara could speak..they heard knock on door..they turns..
Sanskar sees ragini who stood holding coffe tray ,bowing her head down..
Swara:who r u..y did u came..
Sanskar is just stares at her..
Swara:hello mis..tumhara naam kya hai..
Swara:ragini..oh..who r the one ,who made food last night right..(she talks in hindi)..
Ragini nodded..
Swara:y did u cane here now
Ragini shows coffee..
Swara:sanskar ,did u asked coffee.
Sanskar(came to sense):haan..vo..swara u go nd get ready..
Swara:kyun..where r we going..
Sanskar:i will tell u later first go nd get ready..
Swara:ok..saying she cold look to ragini..
Sanskar takes a deep breath ,he moves towards ragini…
Sanskar:i will take u later..first tell me ,y r u avoiding trying to talk with u since mng..but u r ignoring…(he said english ,ragini doesnt understand single word)
Ragini looks at him blankly ..
Sanskar:ohh dammm ur eyes…dont look at me like this…
Ragini blinked her eyes nervously..
Sanskar:talk something
Ragini:co…coffee..thanda ho jayeg
Before sanskar could speak ,rohan barged into sanskar room..making
Sanskar frown..
Rohan:areh sanakar ,swara told we r going exciting..where we are going..
Sanskar:u came to ask this..
Rohan:nope..i will came to knw when will we start.. btw who is she..what is she doing here..
Sanskar:she is ragini
Rohan:vo u r the one right.who made dinner..
Ragini jst stood feeling uncomfortable nd not knowing what they r talking nd what to do..
Rohan moves to hernf takes d coffee nd drank..
Sanskar gives a irritate look..
Rohan:wow..what a coffee..
Sanskar:ragini u go nd make another coffee for me..
Ragini doesnt understand what he said..she can only heard coffee..
Ragini nodded nd leaves….
Ragini thinks what would be sanskar ji told..did he askd to make another coffe as that coffee his frend drank ,khanna ji mein kya karo..
********** go
Rohan:kyun yaar
Sanskar:u need to get ready na..go
Rohan:yeah..i going.
Saying he goes..
As soon as rohan left ,sanskar runs to kitchen for ragini but he found ramu kaka instead of ragini..
Sanskar:ramu kaka..where is ragini..
Ramu:dadi called her ,she went..she told to me give coffee to u..
Sanskar smiles..
Ramu:wait a min sanskar baba..i will give
Sanskar:its ok no mood to drink.

Ramu kaka nodded..
Sanskar drags ragini ,who is coming out from dadi’s room..
Ragini shocked by his sudden act..she is breathing heavily as sanskar stood close to her..she gets scared…
Sanskar noticed her face nd says in mind sanskar what u r doing..u made her scare..he steeped back a bit..
Sanskar:calmdown..i wont do anything..(he passes a sweet smile)
Ragini looks here nd there..
Sanskar:no need to get not a rakshash..
Ragini as usual gives a blank look hearing his english words..
Sanskar:plz change ur expression yaar..
Ragini:vo..vo..vo..mujhe angreje nahi pata(she said looking down)
Ragini looks at him biting her lips nervously..
Sanskar( smiles at her cute face):so sweet
Sanskar:kuch nay..
Ragini nodded cutely..sanskar stares at her..seeing his stare ragini gets shy nd nervous..
Sanakar turned back hearing ajay who called him..ragini silently goes taking chance..sanskar who heard her anklet sound turns nf finds ragini is going..he smiles nd says nxt time i will not let u escape..


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