Iss pyar ko kya nam do- Do Dilo ki yeh dastan Episode 4


Will pp marry chandni. Will advay arrive after being hit by the Gun. Be sure to read the
next episode of Ipkknd do dilo ki yeh dastan

Hello guys a great evening to all of you. I was in shock when i heard ipkknd 3 ending news and stopped writing the fanfiction
But now i realized that i must complete it and no more talk starting the most awaiting episode of Yu know it well!

Recap – Advay on road man comes his way had a gun about to hit

On the road
Advay says you are doing wrong you know what will be the forcoming of your doing I have nothing to relate with you why are you in my way. Man says i dont know what will the forcoming for me but i know what will be your.He brings Gun up and points at advay.

Chandni’s House
Chandni sits with PP. He smiles and says 7 . She says what. He says pheras and laughs. Chandni is tensed and looks at door. And gets glimse of advay saying that he promise her marriage will be with him. Tears comes in her eyes.

On the road
The man says Goodbye Advay singh raizada. And is about to shoot. Advay closes his eyes and says Was this the way the life will come to end. I wish i hadnt suffered a memory loss. Chandni who are you why i have to stop your marriage why. I wish i had the answers.Goodbye to everyone i had known but cant remember. The man shoots.Just the gun’s sound and everything is still and silent . Advay opens eyes and is stunned to find himselft alive. And gets shocked seeing another person holding the man.

Advay’s house
Adi doesnt eat anything and says i want cm mama.Nani says he will come soon. I have trust in god he will not do anything wrong

On the road
The guy is no one other than Shivay .He beats the man .Advay is still in shock as to who the man is. The man runs he goes behind but he gets into car and goes and says ooh he went . He goes to advay says are you fine. Advay asks who are you. He says your friend Shivay i know you had a memory loss i talked with murli and he told me the happenings. He says thanks and hugs her. He sees blood on shoulders and says this. He says nothing but goli cho kar nikal gayi. He says u have to go to hospital.He says i am fine i am coming with you get in car. He says ok one thing and you have to agree on it. you will leave me to chandni house and leave for hospital. He murmurs Anika ke bichde bhai toh nahi ho na. He gives sharp look. He says ok ok.

Chandni’s house
Indrani smirks that just a hour and u will be away from here. Pandit ji says time for pheras . PP gets up and also makes chandni get up . He smirks and says my dream coming true . He goes for first round but hears sound at the gate. Its advay . Rabba ve soft tune
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Precap: – PP says i know You would come and had kept his men here and smiles. 6 men cover up advya and beats him. Chandni pleads them to please stop ……..

I know it was a short update but for staring its good will update it sooner Please let me know in the cmnts how you felt about the episode and be sure to hit the like button


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