Anokhi Kahani Ragini aur Yash ki Chapter 6: He is a scared cat!


Chapter 6: He is a scared cat!

Heya Twistinians what’s up guys, please watch the serial Rishte likhenge hum naye on TV, you all will love it just like me as DiRa is so damm cute and Yash is hawwt. 

Ragini was sleeping until it was afternoon while Yash was waiting for her to wake but she didn’t, so he went to her and woke her up by kissing her cheek. “What are you doing in here?” Ragini asked him while he smirked at her before replying back: “Waking up my girlfriend!” “I’m not your girfriend!” She said while he looked at her. “Please leave from my room!” She said to him. “Make me leave your room!” He said while he was getting closer to her, she knew what she has to do and kissed him. He was shocked as his plan failed but he still kept kissing her as he felt it is the right thing to do right now. “Ragini what are you doing?” Her mind asked her while heart said: “kissing the guy she loves!” The same was happening with Yash too. After they broke apart he said: “breakfast is ready!” “Okay my scared cat!” She said while she winked at him. “You are so annoying freak!” “Nope I’m not because I’m awesome and you are grumpy scared cat!” She answered back. He was really shocked about what she said, then he went to the table, where he waited for her so that rhey can eat something. As soon as she came out he was again mesmerized seeing her in a dress like this👇🏼

“Close your mouth or else flies will start partying in your mouth!” Ragini said while she winked at him while having a smirk and he closed his mouth without saying anything. They ate their breakfast in silence and then went to their room as they were embaressed because of what happened. 

His family were watching through the camera they were shocked seeing boths behaviour as they were completely behaving like nothing has happened. They prayed that these two get together as soon as possible. 

Ragini started planning against him and went to his room while she looked like a ghost. When Yash saw her he screamed like a woman and she laughed at him saying: “you are a scared cat!” “No, I’m not and you are a beast!” He said while kissing her cheek.

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