I make her MRS SANSKAR MAHESHWARI SEASON 3 episode 5 (1)


I know I m here after a long time….sorry for that …actually these days I m writing more on wattpad so it is a reason.

Ragini’s POV

I still remember when I saw swara for the first time.She cane as a god in my life….


Ragini was shown pleading and crying….

Please leave me…please don’t do this please….

A man is shown fully drunk

I have not done anything yet….but soon I will do …he laughs and hold ragini’s hair and push her on the floor….he kicks on her stomach and then her face….he start removing his clothes and was about to touch ragini again when someone hit him on head….that was swara…..

He beats him badly due to which he faints and ragini escape with swara

Ragini hugs swara and thanks her….

Than she came to know that the man was swara’s husband.

Flashback ends

You saved me swara from that monster….I wish the same could happen before.

POV ends

Swara is in the office …discussing some files with Sanskaar ….

Manager came and ask her to come as,shekhar called her….

She excuses her and start leaving just then she faints and Sanskar hold her….he lifts her in his arms and take her to hospital and ask the manager to inform shekhar….

I know you all will get angry…but I m really very sleepy I will update tomorrow don’t worry


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