My dangerous boss and crazy me(swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 22


My dangerous boss and crazy me
(SwaSan fs)
Shot 22:
Recap: swasan patch up, bappy likes one girl in office and he tell swara.

Sanskar enter inside the police station as he got call from inspector that they had arrested the cuprit.
” who is the culprit??” Sanskar asked shaking hand with inspector.
” your guess was right he is abhinav khanna” inspector informed. Sanskar fist his hand, his blood boiled. He had warned that bastard so many times still he has no shame.
“Where is he?” Sanskar asked.
” come” inspector direct her to the lock up. Abhinav is sitting on the chair.
” ohhooo lover boy opps protective hubby is here” abhinav smirk and taunt.
Sanskar stepped and punch abhinav on his face eventually blood rushed out of his mouth.
” Mr maheshwari no violence plz” inspector held Sanskar’s hand.
” he should not come out of the jail” sanskar strictly said.
” sure and even his parter is under our control” inspector said
” which partner?” Sanskar asked getting confused.
” Tanya, they both planned to kill your wife” he said astonishing sanskar.
Soon tanya was bought.
“Why abhinav you tried to kill swara you love her?” sanskar asked.
” yes I’m obsessed with swara and need her on my bed but she loves you and u always stand like a shield whenever i try to trap her. So i decided when she can’t be mine then i won’t let u also live in peace. Tanya wants u so we join hands to make your and swara’s life hell” abhinav told frustratingly.
” so sad your whole plan got trashed now enjoy your rest of the life behind bars” sanskar smirk and left from there.
He  came at home and told swara about who attacked her. She was happy that abhinav especially dandiya is in jail. 

After one week:
” sanskar today I’m so excited” swara squealed smiling brightly at him.
” this is 21st time you are telling me the same thing” sanskar signed and swara make faces.
” i will say again and again u have to listen” swara stubbornly said.
” alright” sanskar held her hand and they went near car. After recovery swara is joining the office. She is not excited to work instead to meet bappy’s love.
Sanskar stop the car infront of Maheshwari industries.  They enter inside hand in hand.
” who is rubby???” Swara asked sanskar as he must know about his employee.
” second row third table” sanskar told.
“Wow she is beautiful” swara said loudly gaining everyone’s attention.
” slowly” sanskar whisper and swara mumble sorry.
” i will go and meet her” swara said and ran to rubby’s table. Sanskar left to his cabin.
Bappy is busy in working and stealing glances of his one sided love.
“Hello I’m swara” she extend her hand towards rubby.
” hi mam myself rubby I’m new employee here” rubby got nervous after all swara is her boss. There is large photo frame of swasan at entrance of the office and below it’s written ” Mr and Mrs Maheshwari ” so all know swara is sanskar’s wife.
” hey don’t say mam and all its annoying so friends” swara said and they shake hands.
Swara was as usual speaking non stop and rubby liked her ground to earth nature. Being the wife of most popular man of the country she is so simple.
” asha will you come out for dinner tonight?” Swara asked taking a chance.
” with whom??” Rubby asked getting confused.
” bappy my best friend cum brother in law okay i will come to the point actually he loves you alot but don’t have guts to say so I’m saying on his behalf. I’m not forcing you to accept just talk to him and know each other please” swara requested her. 
” sure mam” rubby can’t deny her order.
” Thank you so much dear ” swara hugged him and ran to sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar’s cabin:
Swara pushed the door and enter inside. 
” bappyyyyyyy” swara twirl bappy.
” sweety what happened?” Bappy hold her making her still.
” you know tonight rubby is coming with you for dinner” swara shouted. 
” are you serious??” Bappy asked and swara nodded vigorously.
” thank you” bappy hugged her.
Swara told him what she said to rubby.
” i will go and arrange everything” bappy said excitedly.
” ohh hello you need to take your boss’s permission” sanskar said sternly. Bappy make suckling face.
” you leave bappy i will handle our arrogant boss” swara glare at sanskar. Bappy ran out closing the door behind.
” so Mrs swara maheshwari how you are going to handle me??” Sanskar asked with a smirk. He sit on his chair joining his arms at his chest. Swara smile and went near him
” yeah I’m very smart you know” she wink at him. Sanskar smirk and pull her closer eventually making her sit on his lap.
” i just love your this way” sanskar whisper in her ear.
” which way??” Swara raise her eyebrow.
” leave it bappy will get punishment for leaving office in between” sanskar said.
” sanskar don’t be so khadoos u got your love now let bappy also get settle” swara wrap her arms around his neck.
” you know how to convince me” sanskar kiss her right cheek.
“Very well btw u should be goog hubby who always listen to his wife” swara said.
” i always listen to you” sanskar pout.
Swara smile and peck his lips.
” that’s not enough” sanskar whisper and was about to kiss her when they heard a knock at the door. Sanskar curses the person under his breath.
Swara move back and a boy came inside when sanskar approved. He reminded sanskar about the meeting he has to attend shortly.

Its 8 at night when sanskar hurriedly enter inside his cabin and hardly lock the door. Almost whole staff had left except swara who was waiting for sanskar moreover bappy is also busy with his dinner date so no one is there to drop her at home.
Sanskar saw swara is half leaning on the couch and her eyes are closed. He approached her and was about to pick her when she open her eyes.
” why you took so much time??” She asked rubbing her eyes.
” meeting got extended sorry, you sleep i will carry you” he said.
” its okay i was just taking small nap” swara yawn while saying.
“Lets go” sanskar held her hand and they moved towards door.
Sanskar tried to open the door but it was not opening.
” what happened to the door?” Sanskar mumble.
After trying for sometimes, their efforts got wasted.
” your door is also like you stupid” swara hit the door with his leg and frustratingly sit on the chair.
It was like only mechanic can open it. Sanskar called watchman as only he is left in the office. He also said that mechanic will come in the morning as its raining heavily.
” how we will go home??” Swara asked from sanskar as he stood near her.
” we need to spend night here, there is no other option” sanskar shrugs his shoulder.
” we will sleep on couch??” She asked.
” no i have private room here” sanskar said.
Sanskar opened the door of the room from his cabin which leads to well flourished room.
” wooww this room is so beautiful, you know sanskar i always used to think how will be the room from inside when i was employee here and you never allow anyone get inside and after marriage i hardly came to office so never got chance to see it” swara said excitedly jumping on the fluffy bed.
” now its your room” sanskar said lying next to her. Swara smile. They keep on lying there for sometimes. The lights in the room are dim and outside its raining and lighting.
” I’m hungry” swara pouted turning to sanskar.
” there won’t be anything let me check in the cabin” sanskar sit and later went to cabin.
Swara roam inside the room then in the balcony which has roof and couch like a room but open from one side. Its cold outside so she immediately came inside.
Later, sanskar came inside the room and closed the door
” swara there are only biscuits so…” sanskar’s words stuck in his throat and jaws hit the ground when he saw swara only in her top which is hell above her knees.
To be continued….

Uffff i was going to write romance but stopped here bcoz my eyes are drowsy. Romance in next part pakka.
I don’t know what i had written so sorry if it was boring.
Only 3 more parts to go.
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