Together Forever (swaragini) Part 9


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The story starts with Ragini running after punching laksh she comes into the hall and sees swara she was about to go near her when laksh holds Ragini’s hand and pulls her towards him Ragini looks into lakshyas eyes .she was about to say something when she sees from the corner of her eyes that swara and dadi had collided and her viel had fallen of .dadi looks at her shocked .thum thum kya kare rage ho Gaya dadi shouts while swara tries to stop her.Ragini sees this and tells laksh to leave her hand while laksh holds her hand tightly Ragini with all her force pushes laksh and runs towards dadi. Dadi leave her let’s go Ragini says . Ragini you keep quiet I want to know what this Bengali ladki is doing here dadi says and calls Durga Prasad.

U told that this Diwali party is only for marvadis what is this girl doing here.Durga Prasad sees her and remembers ones seeing her in Bose house Lakhisarai we really don’t know how she came here we have only invited bengali.durga Prasad then looks at swara and says who told u to come here.swara sees his anger and keeps quit. While Dp again shouts this time swara says that no one have invited she had come on her will Ragini tries to say the truth while dadi holds her hand and says Ragini is bar thum usa bachavogi nahi.Par dadi Ragini says but dadi turns her face away Ragini stands there without knowing what to do.durga Prasad says his servant to throw swara out he holds her hand and pushes her out she was about to fall when someone holds her it was known other than Arun Bose(swaras brother)he holds her and looks at dp angrily. What are u doing Mr Durga Prasad he says.Ap na kaha ki you will reach late . Just leave that crap what where u doing.hum is Bengali kho bahar fake rahe tha .If she is a Bengali I am also a Bengali or for your kind information she is my sister.

Dp looks at them shocked unable to react. And the deal is cancelled Arun says and was about to go when dp stops him and says please beta don’t cancel this deal we are ready to do anything for it. Arun was about to say something when his eyes falls on ragini.swara sees him looking at Ragini and smirking.she tries to stop him but he has already made up his u are telling that u are ready to do whatever I say.yes Arun beta we are dp says. So U were throwing my sister out and I return I am telling you to throw your guest out.dp was thinking whom he will throw out when Arun says not anyone I need gadodia family out right now means now or the deal is cancelled he says dadi looks at him shocked Ragini thighten her fist in anger. Dp moves towards gadodia family he holds dadis hands and request her and her family to go outside while they stands still. Dp orders his servants to push them out while Ragini stops them and says we know to go . while going she glared at Arun . while he smirks back at her.

Gadodia house is shown everyone seemed to worried.Ragini moves towards the kitchen(waring a blue top and jeans the one in the pic) and sees Sharmishta in thoughts.she goes and hugs sharmishta from back while sharmishta says Arun na sahi nahi Kiya Ragini he has ordered to throw his own grandmother and family out. Why do Arun hates us mom.sharmishta does not say anything and continues to do her work.Ragini moves out of the kitchen and sees dadi seating on the bed and thinking something.she goes and sits near dadi but dadi just ignores her while Ragini holds her hand and says what happened dadi. Ragini I knew that u and swara where friends but I kept quiet as I never wanted to hate u.but u have exeed the limit.but dadi Ragini was about to say when dadi cuts her and says I need you to promise me that u will never talk or be friends with that swara.dadi but how can I Ragini says .if I love me I need u to promise me. Ragini looks at dadi and promises.

Swara is seen in her room wearing a blue and pink Patiala (the one in the pic)she tries to call Ragini but her mobile seemed to be switched of .I think Ragini must be angry with me I should say sorry to her what will I do know swara looked out of the window and saw Ragini coming out of the house she runs out of her room to ragini.she holds Ragini’s hands and stops her Swara di Ragini was about to talk but stops when she sees dadi standing behind the pillar and remembers her words.

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