Their fantasy girl who became their futuristic love (An Ishqbaaz FF by Manya) Part-7


Hello everyone. Long time though! This is me back with 7th part of the current ff. Hope you’ll like it….

While they had left for Lonavala IshMya and OmRu’s discussion continues in Oberoi mansion and Asthana mansion,
R: Shivaay bhaiya didn’t came back home till now. Where is he O?
O: I am also waiting for him Rudra maybe he went somewhere.
R: O you know what he definitely left for some place without informing us. He always tells me when he is going somewhere.
O: Duffer every time do he needs to tell you where, why and how he is going?
R: O you won’t understand the bond between ShivRu this bond is like bond made by fevicol….
Om: Fevicol?
R: Don’t go on words understand my feelings for this bond…This bond is unbreakable; none can understand this except me and Shivaay bhaiya…
Om: Focus Rudra! We are not discussing on ShivRu bond but where Shivaay went?
P: Oh my mata! What discussions is going ons so seriously?
R: Choti maa do you know Shivaay bhaiya went today somewhere without informing us…
P: What informings? He tolds me in this evenings that he is leaving for Lonavala.
Om: Lonavala….but he….
R: O we have to leave now very less time is left let’s go.
P: Where are you twos goings? It is time for dinners!
R: Bye choti maa! We’ll come with Shivaay bhaiya now…
OmRu leaves from mansion,
P: Weird peoples….
At Asthana mansion,
Sau: Ishu di I am searching for Anika didi where is she? She told she’ll give notes for my assignments do you know anything?
Ish: I don’t know about her but your notes are in her room.
Sau: Ok I’ll get them.
Ish: Tell me one thing we have holidays for some days in college right.
Sau: Yes.
Ish: So why don’t we go to Lonavala I remember you planned for visiting Lonavala but we had to cancel it what about today it’s not much late we’ll leave at sharp 9 PM it’s just 7 now what do you say?
Sau: Great idea di! We’ll have a great time only if di would have been there but no problem next time we 3 will go together. I shall start packing you should go and take permission from papa and mumma.
Ish: Perfect!

After some time IshMya leaves for Lonavala.
According to their plan all of them reach Lonavala. At Lonavala,
Dushyant: What a place! Loved it!
T: Hey come for selfie girls.
S: They started again.
T: I shall post it on my instagram account. #Lonavala #Lonavala_Diaries
M: #TiAniKa
A: #BFFs #Selfie_at_Lonavala #…
S: Okay enough of your hash tags we aren’t here to put your #selfies let’s go.
Dushyant takes out his phone,
D: Shivaay we too should take one selfie yaar, Siddhartha come here.
All three of them take selfies for 10 mins and girls keep staring them.
T: Are they ok?
M: I don’t think so.
A: Stop now!
S: What, what happened?
A: You asked us not to take much selfies and see yourself.
S: Excuse me you take much time then we took. Better see yourself.
Their fight continues,

Si: Let’s pack up I guess this trip is over here itself on their fight.
D: Wait we should wait for them.
M: We are waiting since 30 mins and their fight isn’t stopping.
Tia goes to Shivika and takes selfie,
T: Hey see here just the way you are with your expressions.
Shivaay and Anika gets busy in selfies again,
T: Okay so am posting this on my instagram account, #Lonavala_Diaries #Angry_Birds
S: #Funny_fights
A: #Fight_with_SSO
M: Stop it! We are getting late because of your hash tags now Shivaay.
S: Anika started all this.
A: What me? I never do this you always…
S: No it was you who…
Si: Enough! Now let us go or this trip is going to end here.
S: I wasn’t saying anything.
A: Nor did I say.
Shivika: Okay we’re quiet let’s go now.
D: Finally! Shake hands now and be friends.
Shivika shakes hand and smile,
M: Fine let’s start leaving.
T: One second we need to take the patch-up selfie…let’s pout…
They click selfies and leave for visiting Lonavala.

Precap: Gauri and Omkara meet; Ishana gets jealous. Raumya fights. Daksh’s evil plan.


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