jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 28) ragsan


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sujatha hugged kanav kissing him all over the face.”you seemed khadoos but you are also sweet dadi”kanav said making everyone chuckle.”papa lift me up”kanav forwarded his hand for sanskar to take who took him up making kanav smile.”mumma”kanav signalled ragini through hands to come near which ragini did taking baby steps.kanav hit his head lightly asking ragini to come fast.ragini stood near sankanav with a small smile on her face.kanav snaked his one hand around sanskar neck while with other hand he brought ragini closer.ragini came near him and kanav hugged her and told her to look straight”mamu click a photo please”kanav said to Kabir pulling ragini more closer making her front hit sanskar chest.she looked at him for a moment and then smiled at camera as kanav said.kanav got down his lap to see the photo further pushing ragini towards him.sanskar held her by waist to not loose their balance.she looked into his black eyes which shined in happiness while her eyes reflected her worry.she looked so fragile and docile in his embrace who needed to be protected making sanskar tighten his grip on her waist sending shiver down her spine.ragini’s hand was right on his heart where she felt his heartbeat making her breaths shudder in nervousness.kanav pulled ragini to show her the photo breaking their trance.”this family photo looks perfect”kanav told smilingly making sujatha determined about her idea.
“papa you wouldn’t have seen Mumbai naa we will go tomorrow”kanav exclaimed clapping his hands making sanskar smile on his antics.ragini was lost but seeing kanav happy she thought to keep her worries aside.”mumma will you cook today?”kanav asked seeing ragini enter the kitchen to which ragini nodded bringing a huge smile on kanav’s face.”me and papa will also help you or you will get tired alone”kanav held sanskar’s hand moving towards her , ragini was about to refuse but seeing kanav’s stern face she thought better of it.
“kanav pass me the turmeric powder”ragini said from the stove making kanav nod and he got on his work.sanskar was doing something which looked like flour but more sticky and gooey, ragini turned to him hearing his ewww and was shocked seeing his condition, his face was covered with flour making him look old , ragini shook her head and came to him after turning the stove to sim.”what have you done to your self?”ragini chuckled while sanskar pouted exclaiming sheepishly “I don’t know how to cook” and asked for help.ragini took a cloth and wiped his face slowly , the growing closeness made her feel calm but awkward at the same time.sanskar closed his eyes feeling her touch which made his heart shudder.ragini saw the flour and huffing held his wrist making sanskar look at her so innocently that she felt like pulling his cheeks.ragini made his hand move with hers in sync adding water and flour preparing a perfect dough.sujatha was witnessing all this with a smile and went dialing a number on her phone.
the dinner was prepared and everyone sat to eat.”papa enough… now make mumma also eat, you fed me too much…show some love to mumma also”kanav held the bite sanskar forwarded to him looking at ragini.sanskar hesitated but kanav held his hand and forwarded the bite to ragini who took it hesitantly.the dinner passed like this ragini feeding kanav and sanskar and sanskar to ragnav.
“mumma let’s go to sleep… come papa”kanav yawned in ragini’s embrace calling sanskar.they both looked at each other embarrassed but thought not to tell kanav that like other parents they don’t have any relation with each other.ragini told kanav a story while sanskar admired their bond lovingly.ragini kissed kanav’s cheeks finishing the story when kanav exclaimed”mumma kiss papa also or he will feel bad” which shocked both of them.”no baby it’s not needed”ragini said giving an awkward smile but seeing kanav pouting sadly sanskar moved forward with pleading look in his eyes and ragini hesitated but kissed him nevertheless.sanskar felt butterflies in his stomach and a warmth hitting his whole body while ragini refused to acknowledge her rising affection for the father of her son.

after kanav slept ragini sneaked out which wope sanskar up who also got down and they moved to hall to talk.”thanks ragini for bringing up kanav so well..he is such a cute kid…I wonder if I would have brought him up something near this”sanskar spoke softly making ragini frown.”sanskar kanav is equally my son as he is Kavita and yours.. I may not have given birth to him but he means more than life to me”ragini said tearing up while sanskar felt bad seeing her like this and kept hand on her shoulder to console her.

“mumma candy floss… let’s go”kanav ran hand in hand with ragini while sujatha and sanskar looked at them amazed.”ragini turns a kid with him”sujatha shook her head smilingly seeing ragnav eating candy floss making funny faces while sanskar felt his. heart loosing itself more to her.”papa don’t get scared I am here”kanav held sanskar’s hand who looked pale sitting on Ferris wheel while ragini seemed worried for him.sujatha sat at the extreme end enjoying the scene as sanskar didn’t let her enjoy this ride due to his fear , ragini felt his hands go cold when the ride started so she held his hand tightly which soothed sanskar a bit.sanskar side hugged kanav tightly to not let him fall, father’s instinct while ragini sneaked close to him as she felt his anxiety, sanskar was thankful to ragini who provided him with the mental strength he needed most.ragnav’s laughter reached his ears making him open his eyes and he felt complete in that moment,he knew he wanted a family like this,it seemed ethereal to experience this moment where he felt his missing pieces of life falling in place.they got down while kanav looked at sanskar concerned”if you feared it so much…why did you came?”kanav asked keeping hands on his waist with his nose flaring in anger.”because I wanted to experience the special moments I had up there… and also you were there to support me”sanskar said pulling his cheeks.
ragini sweated as kanav went on road to get an injured puppy to his mother.sanskar held her by shoulder ensuring everything’s fine but the next instant ragini ran towards kanav as a truck approached them in high speed.ragini engulfed kanav in her embrace but was rooted at the spot,it seemed to play in slow motion with the truck leaping up when sanskar pulled them towards him.ragini opened her eyes and kissed kanav hugging him tightly with tears gushing out of her eyes.sanskar hugged both of them close to his heart breathing a sigh of the moment he felt air sucked out seeing ragnav in front of the truck but now his soul came back to his body.
“ragini loves kanav so much…I think she will make a great mother and a great wife”sujatha who witnessed the scene from far voiced her thoughts.
“ragini beta I need to talk to you”sujatha said when ragini checked on kanav who had slept.”beta I have a proposal for you….I know a mother can’t stay away from their child and when kanav will come to stay in MM then also he will need his mother…. sanskar also needs someone to look after him…. will you marry my son?”sujatha spoke carefully while ragini’s eyes widened hearing her.”beta I am not forcing you… take your time…. but what I have seen from you 3 bonding…I think you need each other to lead a happy life”sujatha kept hand on ragini’s head and went from there giving a small smile leaving ragini in deep thoughts.

how’s it??? what you think ragini will say?? will it be that easy??
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